There are many anagrams for FEAR: Face Everything And Recover is one of my favorites, I know others have their own version. I faced fear when I took that first step over the threshold of the A.A. meeting hall. I faced fear when I spoke for the first time in a meeting. I faced fear when I did my 4th and 5th Steps. I face fear every day – but the love I receive from other members, from my family, from the God of my understanding, all exceed the fear I feel. The stronghold of A.A. is always there for me to reach out and touch- I am blessed, and I know it. Fear and faith do not reside together, and I have heard it said that fear is the absence of faith. So I pray when fear wraps a cold hand around my heart. I ask the God of my understanding to remove the fear and replace it with faith. Today I have faith in my Higher Power and faith in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.