I can only share what I have, I can only relate what I have experienced, and I can only believe in what has worked for me. The very first thing I found in the rooms of A.A. was hope – hope for a life free of alcohol, hope for peace and serenity, and hope for a life with both purpose and direction. I found all that and more, it has truly been an experience unlike anything I ever attained before A.A. I have received so much more than I will ever be able to give back to A.A., so when someone steps up to me with a question, after a meeting, I take the time to answer, I take the time to hold out my hand and say “Welcome!” The three most important words a newcomer can hear is “Keep Coming Back” for A.A. is a process, it is not an event. It takes time to get sober, it takes time to find a Higher Power, and it takes time for our minds to clear and to begin to hear the words written so many years ago. Words that begin with “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol!!!