In AA, we acknowledge milestones in sobriety with chips. The most important one for me was the first chip, which reinforced my desire to not drink, one day at a time. During the first year, you get one for every month until you get your one year chip! At that point, it’s an annual milestone.

Well, I commented to my daughter one day, that after a year of getting a chip every month and getting hugs and applause every month, it was too bad that they didn’t continue it. ( of course after a year, you put your big girl/boy pants on and start applying all you’ve learned!)
Anyway, my lovely, sweet daughter took it to heart and for the next two years sent me a handmade chip every month. They are beautiful and it felt good to have such a thoughtful cheer leader! Thank goodness she started a family, otherwise I think she would have continued forever!

After having accrued over 15 years of recovery/sobriety, I keep my time sober quiet except for the annual celebration when I get to share my experience, strength and hope with my fellow trudgers. After all is said and done and celebrated, it’s all about one day at a time!

Til next week, my friends. Happy, merry!!