“Future tripping” is definitely a hazard for alcoholics. Most of my fears are about what might happen in the future. Even if I am worried about something that is happening today, my real fear is that the current circumstances might have bad outcomes for me in the future. I have a tendency to try and predict things. It is hard to shut off. I remember being newly sober and constantly projecting if and how I could maintain my sobriety into the future. I worried about upcoming holidays, weddings, parties, and business functions. I worried about the new sober me. Would my friends still want to hang out with me? Would I become boring? Would I get fat? I knew I was supposed to take it all one day at a time, but it was so hard. It just wasn’t in my nature. But my sponsor had little patience for my constant predictions. “Stop with the future tripping,” she would say. She became the future police with me. It seemed to be the only thing that worked. Her broken record started to play in my own head. Whenever I worried about something that may or may not happen down the line, I heard a big buzzer, followed by a scolding snap: “future tripping!!” I have learned more than just self-control around this issue. I have learned over time that I have no clue how things are going to turn out sometimes. I can plan and project and brace myself for the worst, but I can never be certain of outcomes. I can only see the horizon. But there is a Power greater than myself that sees way beyond it. My best bet is to focus on my feet and keep them on the happy path. If I can do that, my head has no choice but to stay close by….THANK YOU…ZUZU!!!