For me, working the Steps is but a beginning to my recovery. I believe it takes faith in God (unity), working the Steps (recovery), and carrying the message to those who are still suffering (service). Wisdom comes in the lessons I continue to learn – each day, every day. Changes in my behavior changes my perception – of me, and those I share this world with, they are what tells me that God is at work. My job is my recovery, I pray that I remain not only sober, but with some degree of serenity. I admit my alcoholism, I have come to believe, and I have turned my life and my will over to the care of the God of my understanding. I see the Steps in groups of three : Steps 1,2, and 3; are the “give up” Steps, where I admit my disease. Steps 4,5,and 6 are the “open up” Steps, where I get honest. Steps 7,8 and 9 are the “make up” Steps where I learn to say “I’m sorry.” And the final three 10, 11 and 12 are the “keep up” Steps, which are the “maintenance” Steps. With practice….. these simple, powerful Steps can transform my life into the joy of living. Through the recovery process of A.A., my transformation is a reality.



5 thoughts on “Transforming

  1. Morning, I usually have one or two steps that I’m working on at any given moment of time in my life. I bounce back and forth and dont’ wanna get too long winded but for instance last night a couple of people were there whom I’m having a hard time getting respect from but I also get more than I deserve from the others. It was a rather large surly group last night and some sarcasm and humor was thrown my way by lil missy and one of her crazy buddies saying she’s pregnant and it’s mine. I chuckled a bit then my face turned fifty shades of pale knowing there’s another lady there whom I like home from Dallas and pretty quickly discredited that remark turning the topic back to helping others. I earned disrespect from lil missy and it’s gonna be a long process of getting it back. though from all of this I’m learning to be a better teacher. It’s not an easy task to teach people who come in to get honest as I’m learning my self to get honest with myself. The hardest part is asking for help and I get a huge relief sometimes spiritual epiphany when I do. God help me help you!

  2. Thank you for your share. Off to my Sunday meeting. (Fellowship) To quote Clay; It’s a good Sunday to have a great day.💚. Love to all.

  3. The book says it’s a program designed for rough going and so far that’s proven true for me.
    I have developed the faith that as I do the suggested actions, then I get the suggested promises. Not always on my time nor in my way, but they do come.
    Today I pray to remember that as the inevitable emotive states ebb and flow and as I tire.
    He is and all is well.
    Grateful for the Gift.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    – Changes in my behavior changes my perception, that be the nugget I need to hear/act on today. Will it be Optimus Prime or Mega Tron-(self).

    I’m not always responsible for thoughts popping into my fellowship between my ears, but I”m accountable for my responses to all of them! Today, I’m learning that its not what happens to me, but what happens in me – The spiritual transformation / learning to see myself as Divine Mercy sees me.

    When I awoke this morning, ego was right there with me. Do I have room in my life for His mercy? Will I ask my Master to redirect my thinking for today? Will I love my neighbor as myself today? This morning while laying in bed, looking out my window at his amazing creations; its a cold cold colorado morning. To “ask for His will”, (i must surrender) “and His power to carry it out.” So thankful, the steps help me face today/reality with His grace.
    – surrender to win
    -give away to keep
    – suffer to get well
    – self dies in order to live each day

    Today is a good day to face reality and have a good day.
    Today I have a chance,

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