Meetings are a respite from the busy world outside the doors of A.A. They are a chance for me to focus on my recovery. Once the meeting has started, I can focus on hearing the experience, strength and hope of others in attendance. I can forget the grocery list, the telephone call I need to make, or what I will cook for dinner, etc., just for that hour. Although random thoughts will flit through my mind, at will. . . I still hear the message of sobriety. Sometimes the connections made with others in attendance before and after the meeting are just as important as what I hear during the meeting. I’ve never been to the same meeting, twice. Each one is different, because each one is comprised of different members. I may hear the same story from an oldtimer, but then a newcomer will relate to that story in a different way than I heard before. Or someone will talk about how they are working the Steps and something I have never heard before will come to light – it’s always different in some way. What is important is that I continue to “Suit up and show up.” I am a member of A.A., I am a sober alcoholic, and I am just one among many.
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