Today I try to ensure that my motives are good, and that I am doing something for the right reasons. I know this is the case when I can eliminate my ego from the equation, and truly feel the rightness of my actions. I am so deeply grateful for my time in the Program, together with the blessings of my Higher Power, I am truly able to live with and love others, from deep within my heart. My future is in the hands of the Master, I believe there is more work for me to do – but it is not for me to decide, that’s God decision. Living within these twenty-four hours help me to keep life in perspective, one day at a time. I can live one day at a time, it is so much easier than living in the past, the present and the future!! Thank goodness for the life I have today, and thank goodness for the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous!! HAPPY SOBER NEW YEAR!!!