Life presents me with questions, and while some of these questions get answered – there are still many that have no answer. Wait and see . . . a phrase heard often in life. Some answers come with time, while other questions require patience and tolerance. Then there are those questions whose answers elude me. I believe I will hear the answer when I am ready, when I have learned the lesson I needed to learn to be able to understand not only the question but the answer itself. Over my lifetime I have wondered what life had in store for me, and then I found out that it was what God had in store for me. I tried for years to “arrange” my life, and it was a losing battle, as long as I continued to drink. Quite often, to my surprise God has different plans for me, and the best can do is stay ready for unanticipated events. Lately, I have had many unanswered questions, and finding the answers has certainly challenged me. There are answers to questions, most of the time I recognize these, but there are still those answers that I seek, that are simply not available to me – as yet. Acceptance, is key in dealing with unanswered questions. Patience is another principle that is needed when answers are desired, or demanded. The lessons I have learned can bring their own questions, and some of these may not have an answer. I pray for patience, acceptance and above all that my Higher Power, God, is still in charge of my life and in charge of the world.