Prayer is something that has been of use to me in my recovery. I remember learning the Lord’s Prayer at a very young age, and it is the one prayer that has remained embedded in my mind. When I was new to Alcoholics Anonymous, I felt very uncomfortable with prayer – with the exception of the Lord’s Prayer, and later the Serenity Prayer came into my life, and both have remained. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is full of prayers, some of which are more of a plea than a prayer. The Twelve Steps of A.A. are said to have a prayer for each of the Steps. In the little book “As Bill Sees It” there are no less than twenty-six references to prayer. Prayer is my plea to God to “Show me the way of Patience, Tolerance, Kindness and Love.” this is also called the “Morning Prayer.” My prayers have changed over time. It used to be a demand for whatever material gain I was wishing for. Now I pray for the spiritual principles in my life, that my behavior reflect the principles in both deed and manner. Prayer reminds me of the fact of my Higher Power. I am also seeking guidance from Him, as to what path He wants me to follow. If I take the time to sit still and focus my mind and ask for what His will for me is – I will “feel” the direction He wants me to take. I will know when I am going in the right direction by the way I feel. If I am making wrong choices, feelings of being uncomfortable will emerge. I work to focus on what my body and mind are trying to tell me.
The following is directly from the Big Book of A.A., page 85: “Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all of our activities. ‘How can I best serve Thee – Thy will (not mine) be done.’ These are thoughts which must go with us constantly. We can exercise our will power along this line all we wish. It is the proper use of the will.” Practicing Step Eleven brings me closer to the will of God, and to understanding what His will for me is. I have faith that God’s will for me will be revealed to me through prayer and meditation. I believe God will for me is to be of service to others, in whatever way is needed. I pray only for “knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry that out.”