(Can those that PRAY, send some Maggies way please? Nothing serious, just some good vibes! Thank you!!!)
The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is truly an amazing process, it does not matter how many years I have been in it, I still find areas of my past that require my attention. Looking back at my behavior during those early years I can see where there were lots of areas where changes were needed. Recovery is a process, and it progresses in it’s own time. Just when I think I’m through with the past, something else surfaces – causing me to take another look. The last words of the Twelve Steps are “to practice these principles in all our affairs.” That means I behave the same towards those I “live” with, those I “work” with, and those who are passing acquaintances, not just the members of the Program. I did not do that, I practiced the principles inside the rooms of A.A., but not outside of those walls. It’s time to correct that, it’s time to own up to my part in my behavior, and to quit blaming everything and anything for my poor attitude and behavior. Just getting and being sober is only a beginning- from there on it is a lifetime of continued improvements!! If I’m working the Steps as suggested….today is the first day of the rest of my life! To that end I will begin the process of change that is embedded in the program I call recovery ♥