I found hope at my first AA meeting. No one told me to leave, no one told me that I did not belong, and no one told me that I was in the wrong place. Just the opposite happened – I felt welcomed and accepted. I listened to others talk about their problems, which I expected, but then came a surprise – they talked about how the Steps helped them with those problems. It was more than a litany of problems, it was a way out of the darkness that had been my life for so many, many years. I heard solution, I heard hope and I heard understanding. There was so much to try and comprehend, then someone said I should Keep Coming Back, that this was a life-long program of change and growth, it was not a class that I would “graduate” from. I relaxed a little, knowing that it was a “process” not an “event.” I was at the beginning of recovery, and it was a day by day regime, that would continue for my lifetime. ♥ Blessings!!


10 thoughts on “Growth

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    An eye opener, an epiphany of sorts has quickly and firmly brought me to realize that we have many states of consciousness and some of them bring us to retrogressively act in previously firmly embedded habits of childhood and adolescence.
    Occasionally but we hope not too often bad Karma is experienced.

    Do you suppose this is what Paul meant when he declared, “I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in”.

    And do you suppose this is what Paul O was getting at when he declared that “Acceptance is the key to all my problems today”. — Big Book p 449 (3rd edition)

    One of the hardest things for me was to develop a sense of gratitude for the challenges which come along and which are opportunities for growth.

    “We claim spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection”.



    I just darn well don’t enjoy any growth that occurs when my wife and I have conflicts of will and have to try to manifest our superiority over one another.
    I’d much rather we make spiritual progress by compromise.
    I don’t like the feelings of discord and discontent conflict brings.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. So bad stuff didn’t go away and poor relationships didn’t disappear.
    And without the booze my primary coping skill was gone.
    But it began to get better when I eventually set about doing what you guys showed me worked for you.
    And I got a wee bit smaller, quieter and gentler inside.
    And my interest in Me also started to include some interest in We and You.
    Peace showed up in my life for the first time and I liked it.
    I entered the World of the Spirit.
    And I just came to get off the piss!
    Grateful for the Gift.

  3. Love the picture and the reflection! 🙂 I feel like I am that person surveying the ocean and shoreline. Whoa! Well, around the New Year and at birthday times you cannot help but reflect on the tremendous changes that have happened over chunks of living. Growth occurs in our attitudes, thinking, behavior patterns, and most importantly our spiritual walk. Although we may have daily meetings with our Higher Power which at times may seem just a habit or discipline …nonetheless the relationship gets fortified. This alcoholic is grateful for all the help and support she got from her God. There is a maturity, a deeper love, and stronger understanding of what God is doing. Currently, I am less controlling and upset when my best plans get reconfigured. I am more accepting of the new plan or schedule because I acknowledge the big Boss of my day every morning. Be blessed cyber family. Mags prayers for you today.

      • Yes. God is definitely there! Is this SMB? Whoever is doing this24 Thanks! I may not consistently share, but I am consistently FED here. Thanks again.

        • Yes Renee. It’s SMB! I can feel you here often!!! And will NEVER FORGET MRS SQUIRREL! …..Or you for that matter. When some of your are gone for a bit, always know that you are in my prayers!

  4. Top of the morning brothers and sisters,
    Golden share and pic. A pic of solitude and warmth.
    Shortly, I’ll be hitting the snowy/snow packed mountain bike trails.
    Riding with Him and in Him. We will share each other’s company.

    – No one told me,….Front site of target: love it, yep yep yep.
    I heard that I didn’t have to drink today?! I never had thought of it in that manner. Yeah, why do I have to drink today? My heart knew that the bottle was killing me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My head knew that if I didn’t drink I would die. That’s a bad place to be.
    Growth is experienced in many avenues today.
    – My thirst for Divine Mercy.
    – Enjoyment in solitude within His presence.
    – Linger a few more moments at the end of my prayers.
    – Awareness today of my defected character/ my human weakness: pride, envy, and anger.
    – If I’m not doing amends regularly, I’m not working a design for living.
    It’s a good day to walk/bike/sit in His presence.

    • Thank you Clay!! I thought the same thing-I’d DIE if I didn’t drink….wow.
      Thanks for THIS nugget today:Growth is experienced in many avenues today.
      – My thirst for Divine Mercy.
      Have an AWESOME ride with Him. Be safe!!

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