I found hope at my first AA meeting. No one told me to leave, no one told me that I did not belong, and no one told me that I was in the wrong place. Just the opposite happened – I felt welcomed and accepted. I listened to others talk about their problems, which I expected, but then came a surprise – they talked about how the Steps helped them with those problems. It was more than a litany of problems, it was a way out of the darkness that had been my life for so many, many years. I heard solution, I heard hope and I heard understanding. There was so much to try and comprehend, then someone said I should Keep Coming Back, that this was a life-long program of change and growth, it was not a class that I would “graduate” from. I relaxed a little, knowing that it was a “process” not an “event.” I was at the beginning of recovery, and it was a day by day regime, that would continue for my lifetime. ♥ Blessings!!