Just as I have expectations, I also recognize the expectations of others in my relationships with them. I cannot expect them to be on time if I am constantly late. I do not expect what I cannot give. Being “up front” with others encourages others to be straightforward with me, and this works well for both of us. Being honest is not always as easy thing to do, but if I value myself and my relationship with others, I view honesty to be an essential component. Others cannot read my mind, and cannot intuit my wants and needs – I have to be vocal about them. It takes speaking on my part, and listening when others are speaking. Relationships are a give and take proposition, and while I cannot control the behavior of others, I do have some control over my own behavior. I am blessed to have close friends who I can share life events with. I respect them and I respect myself – this mutual respect is a good start to the closeness that I desire in my friendships.