Just as I have expectations, I also recognize the expectations of others in my relationships with them. I cannot expect them to be on time if I am constantly late. I do not expect what I cannot give. Being “up front” with others encourages others to be straightforward with me, and this works well for both of us. Being honest is not always as easy thing to do, but if I value myself and my relationship with others, I view honesty to be an essential component. Others cannot read my mind, and cannot intuit my wants and needs – I have to be vocal about them. It takes speaking on my part, and listening when others are speaking. Relationships are a give and take proposition, and while I cannot control the behavior of others, I do have some control over my own behavior. I am blessed to have close friends who I can share life events with. I respect them and I respect myself – this mutual respect is a good start to the closeness that I desire in my friendships.


7 thoughts on “ME….ME….ME…..

  1. From Me to We.
    The journey of a lifetime.
    And as I do my little bit to help another on the way, I can recall with compassion how I was and what I needed.
    And if I feel a little uncomfortable watching them, perhaps I am not as far along on the Road of Happy Destiny as I might think.
    Judging not, accepting all.
    Sheesh…I just wanted to drink like a gentleman.
    Grateful for the Gift

  2. I agree with the change from Me to We. It was me and my choice who abused alcohol; lost contact with God; lost family and friend; spent time in jail for a DUI; and lived in a world of negative thinking, behavior and actions. Now it is We and my daily choice who does not drink; connects with God often; participates with This24 and the AA fellowship; forgave myself; made amends to my family and friends and now have a strong relationship; and practice the steps on my (our) road of recovery. We!

  3. WE may not have it together, but TOGETHER WE have it ALL! As I reflect this last day of Winter Break I am more and more aware of how I cannot do this alone. I am entirely convinced that my God, the Universe, or whatever grand force anyone believes in, knew that this fellowship of drunks, rebels, brooders, etc. could find healing together. The primary purpose is one alcoholic helping another. This miracle is like nothing I have ever seen. Thank this24 for helping this alcoholic-addict. Thanks for the knowledge bloggers, Thanks for every person who ever called or texted me. Thanks for every chair that was filled. Thanks for every step I’ve worked and re-worked, for each year, and finally for (God inspired) clear eyes to feel happiness again. WE not ME!

  4. Top of the snowy Colorado morning family,
    Deep down inside, there’s a special place in all of us that is made for one thing and one thing only: a relationship with God. No matter how much “me” tries to cover it up or fill it with worldly stuff- I will remain forever restless, discontent, and irritable.
    It took a we program to start the process/understanding of me.

    Right Renee’ its through His power that we help one another.

    This morninig, I awoke right along with ego. Self had plans. I reconnected through solitude with Divine Mercy my hand with His hand.

    Its a good day to have a friendship day. All for His glory, through my weaknesses He works His plan(s).

  5. Picking up a fella tonight for a meeting whom I loaned 4 bucks to about 2 months ago. Why did I do that? That didn’t help either of us. I do not enjoy explaining once again, I have creditors on my ass and am not in a position to loan money or financial aid. these folks who have been in prison for fourteen years seem a little more manipulative, sneeky and cunning. I wanna trust him but dont dare bring him into my home with my mother here and he;s already looking for a way out of his relationship and the trailer he supposedly bought according to my sponsor. With the help of God, time and vigilance may he earn my trust without so much doubt or suspicion. Amen for my friends whom I dont doubt and can trust. God help me help them.

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