La Sagrada Familia (Thank you Maggie)

When I visited in 1992, we could not go inside, due to construction. It’s unbelievably breathtaking and these panels are only one of many that have since been completed. I don’t think I’ll ever see all of it or if it will ever be completely finished. Kind of like the program of Alcoholics Anonymous…I will never graduate!!! Attraction vs promotion.. I’m still taking baby-steps, been down the dumps but have no desire to drink. One day at a time, one moment at a time! Thank god for baby steps! Love you all.

Here is a side note as I looked up the beautiful church….looks like they might ACTUALLY be ALMOST done…ALMOST-but the work will be continued throughout time!!


9 thoughts on “La Sagrada Familia (Thank you Maggie)

  1. “More will be revealed”.
    Yes it will!
    More beauty, more life, more love, more gratitude – more…………..

    God of my understanding tells me because of Him I will have a more abundant life.

  2. …a grand and inspiring church, a gentle peaceful heart.
    The same source.
    The bewildered drunk wandering into our sanctuary.
    Am I willing to be inconvenienced today to do the work?
    Prayer time.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Maggie, stationed in Germany, I toured Spain in 1973. The church was beautiful. It was not finished. Good share. My life is like the church. Everyday, I practice Spirituality and Sobriety. I will never finish. At this time in my life, I look forward to my day’s activities. Harry, you are right. More, more and more; and I add We, we,we.

  4. Greetings family,
    Virtual visit on family website is crazy golden.
    One can view this basilica as though you are there.
    There’s an application to move around, arrows/cursor/zooms.
    Sagradafamilia,org, find virtual-visit on left, then bam, you’re in the matrix of Gaudi’s Basilica.

  5. Top of the morning family,
    Mega thanks Maggie, still in the virtual tour/behind my work screen. =)
    “Gaudí famously believed that his client, God, was in no hurry.”
    – That be the good stuff.

    I’m coming around/to that understanding. Patience is very difficult with me.
    Patience is a choice.
    I need His strength/courage to wait for His perfect timing.
    Can I or will I be available for His will?
    Will I put into practice/action what I’ve learned on this adventure?
    Will I wait for His answers/directions?
    His trust – I must!
    Divine Mercy is always waiting patiently with me.

    It’s a good day to have a baby step day.

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