I can drive myself nuts going around and around about what I should, or should not, do. In the end, it will be whatever God’s plan is. When I stop and look at that, I know that the very best I can do is to follow the spiritual principles, and take the “higher road” when given a choice. If “it” is meant to be, “it” will be! I try to “listen” for the still, small voice that urges me in one direction, or another. I work to “feel” the rightness of my decision. . . do I get a sense that my decision is “right?” Or is there a small, nagging doubt that says “Are you sure?” Is this clearly what I want, or is it what I believe God wants? I trust God to lead me in the best direction, the one that fits His plan. I have “Let Go, and Let God” in the past, and that action has brought me peace and contentment – which tells me that it was the right decision.♥