Que Sera

I can drive myself nuts going around and around about what I should, or should not, do. In the end, it will be whatever God’s plan is. When I stop and look at that, I know that the very best I can do is to follow the spiritual principles, and take the “higher road” when given a choice. If “it” is meant to be, “it” will be! I try to “listen” for the still, small voice that urges me in one direction, or another. I work to “feel” the rightness of my decision. . . do I get a sense that my decision is “right?” Or is there a small, nagging doubt that says “Are you sure?” Is this clearly what I want, or is it what I believe God wants? I trust God to lead me in the best direction, the one that fits His plan. I have “Let Go, and Let God” in the past, and that action has brought me peace and contentment – which tells me that it was the right decision.♥


6 thoughts on “Que Sera

  1. AA in a Nutshell: The program of Alcoholics Anonymous is Flawless, Perfect, Irreplaceable, Miraculous, Sacred, Holy, Divinely Inspired, Angelic, Sanctified, Singular, the Only True Faith, the Only redeemer, the Only cure, our Salvation, medicinal, purifying, FDA Approved, court sanctioned, AMA and APA recommended, Guitar-God-Endorsed, Spiritual-not-religious, Un-organized, Un-lead, Attractive-not-promotional, a blueprint, a field-guide, a set of instructions, a refuge, a shelter from the storm, a path through the wilderness, the high road, the wind beneath your wings, the love that lifts you higher, a candle in the darkness, the Guiding Light, the One, the Only, the Ultimate, the alpha and the omega, a humble and relentlessly honest, but ultimately Simple, Answer to the Fatal, Incurable, Disease of Alcoholism, and Only by forgetting Everything you already know, asking yourself where your Best Thinking got you, Suiting up and Showing up, making 90 in 90, shutting your mouth and opening your ears, Keeping It Simple, Stupid, finding a Sponsor, jumping in the deep end feet first, turning your will and your life over to a Higher Power, the Group, and the Fellowship, taking a fearlessly honest inventory of Every sin you ever committed, no matter how small, (Fear, or False Evidence Appearing Real being the worst of these), telling another human being All of your sins, making amends to All the people you have Ever harmed, and Carrying the Message to the Alcoholic who Still Suffers, (after which you will be rocketed into a fourth dimension the existence of which you were formerly unaware), will you be guaranteed of The Promises of happiness and a New Freedom from the Disease of Alcoholism, (provided you pray, meditate, and attend meetings for the Rest Of Your Life). And If you don’t, you’ll DIE. If you do, you’ll die anyway, but you’ll die Sober, (unless you’re too Intelligent for this Simple Program, or are one of those poor unfortunates who are constitutionally incapable of being Honest). You are POWERLESS! I have not had a drink today! Praise Me! Im humble…

  2. “Que Sera”
    Only works very well with complete trust in best outcome.

    “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

    Approximately 29 years ago I set myself on the occasionally arduous task of changing the way my heart thinks (my deepest desires) and I’m still working on it but by the way I sometimes see remarkable results and I certainly recognize lots of my shortcomings.
    So instead of constantly thinking about alcohol, wine, women and song I set about the task of being reeducated and continuously educated in thinking on higher things and purpose.
    Quickly I realized I couldn’t do this alone so I turned to others of similar bent and especially to God as I understand him.

    None of these are hard to find.

    For instance as I have mentioned several times my friend Leo instructed me that, “wherever I am God is”.

    And others of similar bent are as close as the telephone and/or an AA meeting.

    Lots are as close as the Internet.

    St. Ignatius Loyola taught us, “Pray as if everything depended on you; work as if everything depended on God.” It is just the opposite of the popular belief. In Ignatian spirituality, we pray because what we will do is important. The prayer becomes a locus where we chat with God. We are considering before God whether what we will do is in tune with God’s will or not. In other words, we pray for God’s light and guidance from his Holy Spirit as we ponder what to do. Once we get the confirmation that to do something one way is better than the other, we take the action with a complete trust in God. There will be no fear in resolving any problem, including relationship problems which sometimes discourage us. — by Bayu Risanto, S.J.

    “More will be revealed”.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper. – Georgia, US of A.

  3. Thanks for the link to the basillica. what an amazing journey Im sure it’s been for many to be involved in the construction of this most beautiful church.

    Harry said something about changing the way my heart thinks and this is my greatest challenge and I’m not good yet at running my thoughts through a filter of what would God have me do and how would he have me act and speak. Is it true? Is it relevant and is it kind? After talking to my sponsor again yesterday it was clear I was even powerless over saying anything kind to a particularly sick person who’s preying upon a man with wealth.My sponsor said yesterday I couldn’t chose who I love and i said but I dont have to live with her or in her world. Now she’s incessantly mad even saying Im dead to her and her family after telling her I cant give her rides to school or meetings or help in any way. I thought well that was expected now that I’m of no use to you anymore. So now I ask God remove from me all that stands in the way of my usefulness to him and to please help me to be kind loving and tolerant even to those whose motives are suspect. Now today I believe that the way to do that is to not even engage with some who make me sick and get in the way of my relationship with God as I understand him.

  4. Powerful shares this morning.
    Great reminder that this prayer stuff is deep, head to heart stuff.
    Not just a reflexive recitation, by rote, like I do sometimes to get calm or centred or to feel gratitude.
    Or when I pray for others’ well being, which can soothe me as well.
    But a more reflective, quieter session, with pauses for listening.
    I have so much more to learn about praying.
    Thank you for the lessons thus far.
    Grateful for the Gift

  5. Like 3-D, I have a problem determining what does God want me to do. Everyday I live in peace and happiness that I am sober, but what about my other life. The life of helping others, especially the needy, being a mentor to our youth, and living one day at a time. Granted, being sober is in God’s plan for me, but in His plan, I also need to do what helps others. Today, it is God’s plan that I will that I will follow being sober, helpful, responsible and grateful.

  6. Top of the morning family,
    Sweet posting – HIs will, His plan, His direction

    For me its “Trust”
    This needs to be the first stepping stone in our faith lives. Divine Mercy has a plan for each of us. My all too familiar blind self- faith produces stumbling stones. Trust is my greatest challenge. I fail often, because I’m depending on self.

    If God can create the universe, why do I have a difficult time(s) when I look at my checkbook/savings?

    When I place trust in people, positions, and possessions, I’m doomed. I will always be disappointed. Then self wants to play blame/shame game. My behavior dictates my attitude and my attitude drives my behavior.
    This is where Steps 3, 7, and 11, come into action. I have a design for successful living through His power. This is the time I must be willing to make necessary divine adjustments.
    My go to litmus test for His will.
    – Does it violate my spiritual principles, i.e. His ten directives?
    – How does this action item give honor and glory to Him?
    – How will this benefit my family?

    It’s a good day to have peace / contentment.

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