There is so much more that just not drinking in A.A. There is the basic unit of meetings, but there are other means of arriving at a place of sobriety. It is “suggested” that the Steps be “worked,” this is done in conjunction with a “sponsor.” Incorporating the spiritual principles into daily life is another “suggestion.” Accepting a God of my understanding was the start of a spiritual life unknown to me, but a life that was essential to recovery. The core of A.A. is the theory that is based on one alcoholic helping another alcoholic. We comprehend one another; how we feel, how we behave, how we think – there are common traits among us. We share the same disease – but we also share the same solution – and that solution is A.A. – it works like no other program or means. It’s been proven year after year – for over 80 years now. The meetings are the “main taproot” of A.A., and as I have learned, they are but the beginning of an amazing, life-long program of service, recovery, and unity.


7 thoughts on “Growth

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I have a lot of questions about why God did it this way instead of that way?

    And if everything he does is perfect, why is ther so much discord and conflict on this sacred earth?

    Oh well I have been advised that acceptance is the key point in my personal serenity and if I am to have any peace it is absolutely anchored to accepting life on life’s terms.
    It may come as a blessing.
    It may come as a challenge.

    In any event it must be accepted for what it truly is, a method for growth into the absolute likeness He intended from the beginning.

    Signs of this occurrence are present.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. When I first started getting serious about the aa program and started reading the bb. I then began to realize. This aa program was bigger than my self absorbed mind allowed to venture. I also love the fact that this program and principles have been founded and proved to assist quite a large amount of people world wide, compared to the humble beginnings.
    So a grateful prayer of thanks to my hp ( God)
    FOR Helping Me Walk through the doors and begin the learning process. Thanks to this 24 aa participants.

  3. I remember in a meeting one day talking about AA in a nutshell, quoting some one from years earlier, ” Put a plug in the jug, get God in your life, clean up your messes and help others” but if my sponsor said, ” Praise me, Im humble” I’d run as fast as i can. I loved everything Lacy wrote till she got to, ” Praise me, Im humble” even though there’s a little bit of truth to it. I feel like If I say it, it turns into something else.
    Now onto something else. Nearly everyone of you here over the years has shared how you deal with grief and it is still my greatest fear which is also inevitable for me to lose my mother as her age becomes something I can not wrap my head around having gone through chemo radiation bone loss and two more pages of red flags. I told her list of active problems looks like my rap sheet and we both got a little chuckle out of that one. Anyways thanks to all of you for sharing your experience strength and hope over the years.

  4. Last night I was talking another alcoholic who was struggling with the question of why he’s the way he is. So i used something my sponsors sponsor has said many times, “Why do you wanna know why the ship is sinking, just take the life jacket”. I also told him, “we must abandon all hope of a better past” as he was crying about his last wifes reaction to his making amends. This guys has used the revolving door so many times it makes my head spin. So I do some reading in the big book, pray and meditate and it slows my brain down helping me to focus.

  5. Thanks for the shares this morning fellow trudgers. Each night, I check my peaceful-meter to determine how my day went. Was I helpful to others? Did I follow God’s will not mine? Did I incorporate the 12 steps in my daily actions? These are some of the questions I ask myself. Based on the answers, I determine what I must improve the next day. This is one of my check-points in my road of recovery.

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