There is so much more that just not drinking in A.A. There is the basic unit of meetings, but there are other means of arriving at a place of sobriety. It is “suggested” that the Steps be “worked,” this is done in conjunction with a “sponsor.” Incorporating the spiritual principles into daily life is another “suggestion.” Accepting a God of my understanding was the start of a spiritual life unknown to me, but a life that was essential to recovery. The core of A.A. is the theory that is based on one alcoholic helping another alcoholic. We comprehend one another; how we feel, how we behave, how we think – there are common traits among us. We share the same disease – but we also share the same solution – and that solution is A.A. – it works like no other program or means. It’s been proven year after year – for over 80 years now. The meetings are the “main taproot” of A.A., and as I have learned, they are but the beginning of an amazing, life-long program of service, recovery, and unity.