Kind From The Heart

Kindness is described as being “of a sympathetic nature, gentle, loving or affectionate.” Being kind can mean “exhibiting an agreeable or beneficial nature, or being sympathetic or generous in behavior towards others.” I believe my friends in the Program are “kindred souls” who share similar natures or characteristics as me. I further believe that I am basically a kind person who strives to treat others well. When I perform a kind act, it makes not only them feel good, but it makes me feel good, as well. Kindness takes very little effort, but the rewards are great. In the Program I learn about giving freely of myself without expectation of a return. This “lesson” taught me well the many benefits of giving from the heart. It is these types of behaviors that enable me to build my self-esteem up from the ground floor where it was when I was still out there in my disease. Every time I perform a kind act, I benefit from it – but I don’t do it for that reason, I do it because it is the “next right thing to do.”


6 thoughts on “Kind From The Heart

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    What do you suppose the men on the sailing ships did when they realized they were in the doldrums. You know the doldrums are massive wind eddies which occur on the equator as the Trade winds make their Southern Loop and start their northern path. That’s where the eddies are strongest. When this occurs the sails of the sailing ships could not catch any sustained wind and simply had to wait for the wind to change.
    So what did they do?
    I’m sure they experienced some anguish but basically they just did their daily tasks and waited.
    Lots of them must have prayed!
    All overtly or covertly carried some kind of message!

    So here I am feeling I am in a case of spiritual doldrums.
    So what do I do?
    Know my faith is increasing!

    In the meantime I want to state again that our deepest desires are our most earnest prayers.

    Longing — SSJE

    I believe that our deepest longing is to be challenged by Jesus, to have our hearts turned from stone into flesh. Our deepest longing is to be made holy. So in this profound sense we can indeed long for judgment.–Br. Geoffrey Tristram

    Meditation for the Day — 24 Hours a Day

    I want to be at one with the Divine Spirit of the universe. I will set my deepest affections on things spiritual, not on things material. As a man thinketh, so is he. So I will think of and desire that which will help, not hinder, my spiritual growth. I will try to be at one with God. No human aspiration can reach higher than this.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may think love, and love will surround me. I pray that I may think health, and health will come to me.—24 Hours a Day

    My longing is my deep desire.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. I pray for the health wealth and prosperity of all of you here and no, Im not angry haha,and I also pray for a very scared and lonely friend in a nursing home named Paul who shattered his femur in six places. i pray that he regains his mobility and has some quality of life again. I pray that these groups around here can come into unity once again and settle their differences with love patience and tolerance. God bless ya’ll

  3. Wow!
    Bonnie’s gorgeous opener and Doc’s soulful sharing.
    Thank you for the deep compassion in each.
    Thank you for the reminder of what our True Path is.
    Very helpful as I pray to be shown God’s Will what it actually feels like, in my heart and,even deeper, in my soul.
    Am I thinking of others?
    Am I truly ” turning it over?”
    Am I truly willing to listen and then act, without reservation?
    Whilst I pray for the power and the courage I take a modicum of comfort in knowing I do have the capacity to be kind, now.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Top of the morning brothers and sisters,
    Golf Clap for you Sister B, 1337 posts. How wonderful and amazing.
    My hula hoop would of spun out……….bwah ahahaha

    Kind From HIS Heart ~ When God see us, He smiles at each and every single one of us. Not because we deserve it, but because He love us. “He doesn’t make too hard terms with those who seek Him”, BB p46

    This design for successful living instructs us to love others as He loves us. This folly’s self: my public image or my inner self. I can’t have His blessings without living in His truth. By showing kindness I’m living through Him. “take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power”.
    Today, I learning that my will/life is His job; my job is to be kind to His other children.
    A smile is a starting point for kindness.
    Today is a good day to =)

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