There are some areas of my life where I seem to do the bare minimum. Inevitably it catches up with me and there is some kind of hell to pay. I will not take that risk with my sobriety. Through trial and error I have clearly seen what I need to be doing in order to maintain emotional balance and serenity. I know firsthand what it takes to be prepared for sudden setbacks. If I want to lose weight I have to eat smarter and move more. It is that simple. If I want to stay sober, I have to go to meetings and continually work the Steps. It is that simple. Every time I connect with the Fellowship, I am buying insurance. Every time I carry the message of sobriety, I am putting money in the bank. Although I stay sober one day at a time, living for this day only is not enough. Part of every day is preparation for tomorrow and beyond. When the tide rises up without notice, I hope to be safely above the swell.