There are some areas of my life where I seem to do the bare minimum. Inevitably it catches up with me and there is some kind of hell to pay. I will not take that risk with my sobriety. Through trial and error I have clearly seen what I need to be doing in order to maintain emotional balance and serenity. I know firsthand what it takes to be prepared for sudden setbacks. If I want to lose weight I have to eat smarter and move more. It is that simple. If I want to stay sober, I have to go to meetings and continually work the Steps. It is that simple. Every time I connect with the Fellowship, I am buying insurance. Every time I carry the message of sobriety, I am putting money in the bank. Although I stay sober one day at a time, living for this day only is not enough. Part of every day is preparation for tomorrow and beyond. When the tide rises up without notice, I hope to be safely above the swell.


7 thoughts on “ERROR?

  1. 24 January
    There is action and more action. “Faith without works is dead.” . . . To be helpful is our only aim.

    We ask that every single defect of character that would stand between our usefulness to God and our fellowman be removed.
    Service , helping another or others without any expectations is where it happens .

    This happened to be an attitude adjustment for me.

    AA = attitude adjustment.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper.

  2. Kt here, glad to catch up on the readings. The posts have been ever so thought provoking for this alcoholic. Thank you this24 for carrying the message. I need to keep my insurance in my sobriety as the post indicated. I am in need of a mtg. Where I can be among our aa members. Grateful for our aa attitude adjustment. Thanks Harry and SMB.

  3. There’s been an almost surreal lack of drama in my life lately and that’s the way i aim to keep it. yet part of me wants to chase some folks down n give em a piece of my mind.. yesterday i got to have coffee with a friend before going to the gallery where i volunteer my time. Then I went to dinner with a lady friend, a meeting after that, a movie after that and just chillaxed all day long not fighting anyone or anything. I even shared some kinds words with lil missy’s new beau, telling him he looked good. That was God speaking through me because the old me wanted to smack him(grin). have a blessed day folks.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Nice topic.
    Divine Mercy is a no drip, no runs, no errors love.
    Errors remind me that I”m human. My errors can be based on self centered fears. Today, I’m growing in spiritual intimacy with a very forgiving/loving God. His hand is always there to pick me up quickly. Get up, your forgiven, now go and error no more: and tomorrow, I’ll be forgiven again. Each time I ask for help, it’s more comfortable. Each time I error, it’s easier to come to my Heavenly Father. Today I’m learning, whatever I pay attention to ~ grows.
    His mercy shows me that I’m worth it. My human weakness(es) is how He works His plan.
    Its a good day to give thanks for His mercy.

  5. what right do I have to expect perfection and efficiency in my spiritual growth?, when the rest of my life is so full of change, ups and downs, ins and outs. throughout this whole adventure, the only consistency I have maintained is an absolute and total faith in AA, come what may.

    happiness happens when results exceed expectations. maybe this is working after all. deep down, there is also a warm, small ball of faith, always there, never dimmed, unexplainable, asking nothing, but giving much. to define it or try to improve it would distort or destroy it.

    It just is, that’s all. keep trudging, and we will be with you.

  6. Man, oh man.
    What a joy to be amongst you lot.
    You speak of a quiet, inner resource; I had none except my self will.
    You tell of a gentle peace, pervasive in your very fibre; I sensed only dread.
    You radiate a goodness, guileless, manifest in your being; I carried only grief, unknown.
    You carry the message to the sick in spirit- is this not what He would have us do?
    Grateful for the Gift

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