Having an extensive support system to help maintain my sobriety is the opposite of relying on will-power. I remember how clear and strong my convictions would be, how fervently and adamantly I would pledge not to indulge in my addictions on a particular day or before a certain event. I would muster all the resolute will and devotion I had within me, harnessing all the determination in my brain, and I would fail. Over and over again. The thing upon which I relied was unreliable. It had a terrible track record. But seemed to be my only option. Today it seems that my support system keeps getting larger and more entwined. At the core are AA meetings, a sponsor, sponsees, commitments and AA literature. The Fellowship is an ever-ready support system, with any number of people I can contact in any number of ways when I need help working through a problem. Beyond the Program and its tools and community, I also have support systems in my fitness and recreation activities, where I can go to get physically recharged and rest my spirit. At every moment of every day there are many places I can turn for wisdom, guidance, understanding, encouragement and inspiration. The greatest support system of all lives in my connection with a loving and omniscient Higher Power. If I remember to invoke its assistance, its track record is 100% success. My will power has not been banished entirely. It has its proper roles. But running my life and getting me through tough times is not among them. Today I have the kind of support that can withstand any weight that life can bring to bear.