Support System

Having an extensive support system to help maintain my sobriety is the opposite of relying on will-power. I remember how clear and strong my convictions would be, how fervently and adamantly I would pledge not to indulge in my addictions on a particular day or before a certain event. I would muster all the resolute will and devotion I had within me, harnessing all the determination in my brain, and I would fail. Over and over again. The thing upon which I relied was unreliable. It had a terrible track record. But seemed to be my only option. Today it seems that my support system keeps getting larger and more entwined. At the core are AA meetings, a sponsor, sponsees, commitments and AA literature. The Fellowship is an ever-ready support system, with any number of people I can contact in any number of ways when I need help working through a problem. Beyond the Program and its tools and community, I also have support systems in my fitness and recreation activities, where I can go to get physically recharged and rest my spirit. At every moment of every day there are many places I can turn for wisdom, guidance, understanding, encouragement and inspiration. The greatest support system of all lives in my connection with a loving and omniscient Higher Power. If I remember to invoke its assistance, its track record is 100% success. My will power has not been banished entirely. It has its proper roles. But running my life and getting me through tough times is not among them. Today I have the kind of support that can withstand any weight that life can bring to bear.


12 thoughts on “Support System

  1. I strive for unity.
    Compassion springs from Unity!

    “That is a bit of good in the worst of us,
    there’s a bit of bad and the best of us,
    so it hardly behooves any of us
    to criticize the rest of us”.

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper.

    • My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

      Might as well admit it; I watch too much football on Sunday during the NFL season and boy howdy don’t they sometimes seem like they just grind on and on.
      Two games in one afternoon is becoming beyond my tolerance but something compels me to stay with it.

      It’s that insatiable appetite for something exciting and believe me the exhilaration of seeing grown men hurling their bodies at each other is becoming more and more irksome.

      I watched an interview with Tony Dorsett yesterday afternoon and he brings us the sad news of probable onset of chronic traumatic brain syndrome resulting from concussions. He says he is noticing that when he decides to go somewhere that he perfectly well knows the way to he can’t remember how to get there.
      How distressing!
      And certainly everyone wants to do something about this, even the owners for their own reasons.

      I rank this report from Tony Dorsett as number two in the sad news rankings for I think that number one would have to be his reply to the question, “Would you do all this again? “
      He quickly replied, “Yes”.

      Would I do everything that I did that brought on lifelong undesirable consequences undeniably because of chasing some kind of pleasure?

      What would God’s answer to this question be?

      Could it be that each and every thing that ever happened to me was preparation for my present life’s task?

      I lots of times wonder about the fruits of suffering.

      I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. I have hit another dangerous curve in my road of recovery. I have been in the hospital for 5 days. For over 6 months, I have been taking some meds that caused a bleeding ulcer in my small intestine. They were prescribed by my back Dr. When I went into the hospital, I only had a Hgb (blood level) of 5.4 for a normal range of 13.5-18.0. Received 6 units of blood. My family, friends and I prayed for a good recovery and God answered. Again, I faced a tragic experience in my life and it did not involve alcohol. I believe and experienced the quote that Soto posted a few days ago:
    “It is crucial to be mindful of death — to contemplate that you will not remain long in this life. If you are not aware of death, you will fail to take advantage of this special human life that you have already attained. It is meaningful since, based on it, important effects can be accomplished.”

    This morning I thanked God for letting me see, think, hear etc. again. I would not be experiencing this joy and happiness in my life if I was not Sober.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    “My will power has not been banished entirely. It has its proper roles.”
    “If I remember to invoke its assistance, its track record is 100% success.”
    – That be the golden stuff right there!
    I receive power in and through Divine Mercy.
    I receive power when I share my e,s,h’s.
    I receive power when my hand reaches out…..
    I receive power when I inhale other’s e,s,h’s.
    I receive power through my weaknesses.
    I receive power through trials; my faith is no longer weak and inexperienced.
    I receive power when I’m available.
    This design for successful living in all aspects of my life is free.
    Today, I am who I am.

    It’s a good day to see the good day.

  4. So lovely that we can be amongst each other and share our answers to the eternal questions with grace and respect.
    Grateful for the Gift

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