In My Element?

Most of the time, I am comfortable everywhere I go. But when I am feeling “squirrelly” (as a dear friend in the Program calls it), there is only one place I am truly comfortable, and that is at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Meetings are the one place I can walk in, regardless of my state of mind, and not worry about how I will be perceived or whether I am explaining my discomfort in a socially acceptable way. I can sit in that chair (or slump in it, depending on the day) and just let the place work its magic on me. I will sit and listen, and soon I will hear myself taking deep breaths. Eventually I will feel my head nodding in response to something I have heard. I will hear myself greet people, thank them, clap for them. Finally, I will hear everyone’s laughter, including my own. Without really articulating it, I will have a deep understanding that (a) I remember (again) what to do about my problems and (b) everything’s going to be alright.


11 thoughts on “In My Element?

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    A gigantic turning point occurred in my life in early January, 1987 when I was thoroughly sick and tired of being sick and tired and couldn’t stand myself and how I was living. I silently screamed into the universe, “I have to have peace”. And a still, small voice started responding to me second by second, minute by minute, day by day, month by month, year by year and continues until this very moment – this very second and reminds me that if I desire this universal desire of mankind there is a process I must engage in to be rid of all fears and resentments.
    We call our spiritual program The Twelve Steps and as in all consecrated spiritual programs there is a huge leap which occurs most of time quite unconsciously towards humility.
    Peace and serenity comes incrementally from the beginning and grows as we grow.

    Do I want this for all my compatriots on our common planet?

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may rid myself of all fears and resentments, so that peace and serenity may take their place. I pray that I may sweep my life clean of evil, so that good may come in.—24 Hours a Day

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper.


    • Harry, thanks for the prayer to rid ourselves of fear and resentment so peace and serenity may take its place. Sometimes fear is a real tough one for me. So i have to turn it over daily to my HP.
      If I am not mistaken isn’t today your sobriety Birthday? If so, Happy birthday. If I’m mistaken, it is still a good day to have a good day! 🙂


    • Harry,
      Congratulations on your 29th BD. Thanks for helping me and other practicing and recovering alcoholics throughout the years. Also, Thanks for helping the poor and the needy with your medical expertise. God has had a plan for you and you did not let him down. Albert

  2. Good to read so many posts or shares from yesterday and just have a site to share with others. I have a busy, well planned day. had a little suggestion for my mother this morning, ” Slow Down”. Shes taking off for her morning walk and the roads are slippery. The other day she talked about her car sliding on the ice into to the highway while trying to stop at a sign. She’s getting to that age where her driving is becoming a little questionable. I wont ride with her, I’d have to wear diapers. it’s a good day to have a good day. God bless my fellow trudgers.

  3. I am in my element many times during the day. It is when my ego, pride, fear, pity or anger try to take over me. When I start feeling these threats, I start to take action. I say the Serenity Prayer, and use the AA principles that I have learned. I also call and talk to my sponsor or another member of our fellowship. I also get involved in doing something positive, like helping others. Before I know it, the threat of taking a drink or doing something negative in my life is gone. Thank God, that after so many years of misery, I now can live my life in peace, love, and happiness.

  4. Prayers to Albert and his healing, I have been away from my electronic devices and am just now catching up again.
    So many good thoughts of recovery are shared. Helps me so much. Thanks kt
    Glad to be in the program of aa

  5. So true! A meeting is my safe place. I always leave my meeting feeling better about myself and others. Its a great way to end my work day!


  6. Congratulations Harry on your 29 Yr. anniversary. I know it was a couple days ago , but haven’t had a chance to say it.
    The bronze statue in yesterday’s post doesn’t have a name, it’s located in the Shaw botanical gardens in St.Louis,Mo.
    I call it standing in the sunlight of the Spirit.
    Normally it’s nessled in the shade of a big seder tree, i just happened to catch it in the bright morning sun.

  7. Top of the morning family,
    “Most of the time, I am comfortable everywhere I go.” Ahhh yes, that’s a good place to be.
    Meetings are the gates to peace. Each time, I can sense/feel His spirit.
    I’m in His house! And that’s a good place to be.
    When I don’t make a meeting for a few days, I get “jiggy”. Much like when I was chugging booze, a few days without it, I was totally jiggy. Meetings are my prescriptions for this disease.

    Like the great philosopher of the 80’s, Huey Lewis, “I want a new drug, one that does what it should”.

    That medicine is the love and mercy of a God of my understanding. He is my source of strength and confidence. He is always constant, always forgiving, and always merciful. When I enter the self-element, my insecurity will always mask itself as pride, envy, and good ol’fashion gluttony of self.

    It’s a good day not to have a Hippo-critical day.

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