Most of the time, I am comfortable everywhere I go. But when I am feeling “squirrelly” (as a dear friend in the Program calls it), there is only one place I am truly comfortable, and that is at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Meetings are the one place I can walk in, regardless of my state of mind, and not worry about how I will be perceived or whether I am explaining my discomfort in a socially acceptable way. I can sit in that chair (or slump in it, depending on the day) and just let the place work its magic on me. I will sit and listen, and soon I will hear myself taking deep breaths. Eventually I will feel my head nodding in response to something I have heard. I will hear myself greet people, thank them, clap for them. Finally, I will hear everyone’s laughter, including my own. Without really articulating it, I will have a deep understanding that (a) I remember (again) what to do about my problems and (b) everything’s going to be alright.