All Power

Alcoholism creates a gladiator pit where the will and ego do battle against the unpredictable forces of life, fate, and human interaction. Bloodied and battered the will and the ego drag themselves up from the sand and launch more futile assaults to wrest control of the alcoholic’s existence. The masked and shielded victors cut them down again. To this day my will is so formidable, and takes great convincing that it needs to fall to its knees. It always has an answer. It always envisions victory.

So long as I remember that there is One who has all power, I do not thrash around any more than necessary. I came here seeking power, because I had none. The Power I found here could do much more than relieve the insanity of my alcoholism. If I surrender completely to this Power, then something remarkable happens: my will is busy practicing the skills and abilities given to me in this life, while a larger, omniscient presence guides those skills and abilities to their highest good, their optimal use. When I give myself over to the Power, I become a living expression of love. All Power becomes mine.


5 thoughts on “All Power

  1. I am amazed to have seen the changes in the people who post on these pages. And I believe more is yet to be revealed.
    It’s an experience I would not have missed for the world.
    Sometimes I wonder-where are all the other recovering alcoholics in this world ?
    I pray they may join us here with a few words.

    Harry, grateful 12th stepper.

  2. Good morning everyone. I’m such a creature of habit I had to make some drastic changes and if that meant not hanging out with my old friends, so be it. If that meant not taking their calls and insisting I cant to do that anymore, then i did so. What I’m saying is, I had to get out of the way so he could help me.e if I’m certain he will help me more if I let him, learning that when i help others, it helps me. I love my God and I know he loves you too, if you let him.

  3. Top of the snowy snowy Colorado morning family,
    Golden topic/share.
    Gladiator pit – that be the good stuff. Love it!

    It took many years to humble myself to accept God’s hand back. He allowed me to get as miserable as I wanted.
    – God is or He isn’t.
    Well Clay, what’s it gonna be? Self-propulsion produced fears that almost ended my life. I was physically and mentally dead. I sucked the life out of me and the life out of others.
    On 14 Feb 11, I accepted Divine Mercy as my savior. Instantly, I received His power. (The truth is with me, stay -and you’ll have no more fears). He has plans, purposes, and directions for each of us. Today, I’m learning that when I go my own way, it’s a bum ride into pain, disappointments, and misery.

    Today is a good day to stay in step with Him. Not to pull away my hand. Self always lets go of His hand. But to take His loving hand and say, Lets do this!

  4. The quiet time, in the morning stillness.
    Fresh, pristine and unsullied.
    For me, as I “ask to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love” I get started on the path.
    Knowing that “tolerance and love is our code” begins to ease me out of self and into the sunlight of the Spirit. Then I can begin to establish concious contact with HP; then I can begin to be who He would have me be.
    If I get stuck, then expressing my gratitude for this new way of life eases me gently forward.
    Not how it used to be, for sure.
    Grateful for the Gift

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