I never could have imagined myself doing some of the things I am doing today. It would have seemed insane and unmanageable back in the day when I was insane and my life was unmanageable. I may have been a train wreck, but I was busy! Back then I was so easily overwhelmed. It took such a lot of effort to function on the most basic levels, that the thought of juggling several challenging things at once was truly alarming. I had to play it very safe so my life was very small. I told myself it was just fine like that.

Today my Higher Power has me airborne and doing somersaults, compared to my old existence. Once in a while it gets a bit too heady, but a little pause and rest have me ready to go again. While drinking, no amount of coffee or Vitamin B could have given me the energy that I have today. Now that I am no longer assaulting my bloodstream with harmful substances and I have turned myself over to something way smarter than I am, life is full of pleasant surprises. I can do all kinds of fun stuff now. Nothing like the guy in this picture, admittedly. But plenty wild and crazy for me.