Easy Targets

Some AA members spend a lot of energy determining whether others’ shares are appropriate and what should be done about it.  Most groups have certain people who repeatedly share about a certain topic.  I have heard people complain “I am so sick of hearing about XYZ, I wish she’d get over it!”  Other people take the position that extraneous material (non-AA books, movies and other works) are acceptable so long as they are used sparingly.  Some people are perpetually on the lookout for overly religious content.  Others are quick to label “gossip” and “cross-talk.”  Some people long for rules governing shares, such as time limits, prohibiting mention of problems other than alcohol, and other restrictions.  Except for time limits, many rules are subjective and difficult to enforce consistently.  If topics other than alcohol cannot be discussed, may someone mention a serious illness or the death of a pet?

The long form of Tradition Four states: ” With respect to its own affairs, each A.A. group should be responsible to no other authority than its own conscience. ” There is a proviso, stating: “no group, regional committee, or individual should ever take any action that might greatly affect A.A. as a whole. . .” If an AA meeting wants to have rules governing shares, it is free to do so. But the experience of a Newcomer attending that meeting can affect AA as a whole. Do we really value principles before personalities? Can we really live and let live? Can we really say: “Love and tolerance of others is our code. And we have ceased fighting anything or anyone . . . “? (BB p. 84)


10 thoughts on “Easy Targets

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I imagine most everybody has seen a double rainbow. It’s always there but it is not always visible. Ever wonder why the colors in the secondary rainbow mirror the colors of the big one? I certainly have because I wonder about almost everything and I thank God that he put this inexorable curiosity in me.

    One of the most intriguing things I know of is to know more about this God of my understanding who is captured in the expression, “God of my understanding” knowing full well this ever-expanding quest.

    And a little bit more about the rainbows: He put the bow in the clouds as an everlasting reminder or holy promise never to bring a flood over our entire world again.
    Isn’t this beautiful?
    Are rainbows beautiful?
    Is our curiosity beautiful?

    I watched the Super Bowl.
    I’ve watched almost all of the 50 super bowls.
    I don’t ever remember one in which the defenses of both teams so thoroughly dominated the game.
    I was pleased with the outcome for lots of reasons.
    I even felt a little sorry for the Panthers quarterback (what’s his name?) but don’t worry his ego will bounce back if it hasn’t already.

    I’m Harry, devoted 12th stepper.

      • Yay!! For the Bronco’s!!
        I watched it where I go to meetings. My kids were busy and I thought they were going to have a SB party for us alcoholics. So, I brought shrimp cocktail and cheese/crackers. One person was there and only two more showed up for a meeting!!
        It was awesome!! I got to know a young man, Tim, with his MA in addiction counseling, and he got to know me.
        As the saying goes,”it only takes two alcoholics and a resentment to have a meeting!”

  2. I remeber going to a meeting which had some rules and I felt so constrained and controlled but I kept coming back regardless. They didnt want me saying I’m an addict yet this is what i was taught in rehab because its covers all addictions. I started saying Im an alcoholic to become part of the group and out of respect for AA. What most of us do when we have an issue with a meeting partaker is talk to them outside of the meeting.Good read today, thanks

    • awesome, good schtuff, respect and take it outside. As I remember Tom S sharing, no need to vomit my ego all over everything and everyone.

  3. The earliest hours of the morning are my soul’s time and place.
    The most gentle quiet.
    The peaceful communion.
    I fill with the tenderness of the fleeting moment.
    The same way I love to sit in a meeting, before it starts, close my eyes and hear the laughter and greetings and feel the humanness of my fellows.
    Today I am alive, know I am alive and know I have purpose.
    When I drank, I was numb, disconnected and didn’t even know it.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Top of the golden world champion Bronco’s morning family,
    Top notch reflection!
    “Do we really value principles before personalities?”

    I’ll admit to my slow leaking gap between my chin and nose. For me, a good portion of shares should be sponsored driven. (laying one’s private business all in the street). Long winded shares that don’t relate/communicate to a step/tradition, Aunt Sally’s cat, Jim’s tractor that’s broke down again, using the table/podium as a sponsor, or ANDA shares, drives me nut.
    However, they do teach me about patience and understanding.

    It took TIME to find a solid home group that carries the message: Trust God, Clean House, and Service. My home group conducts monthly business meetings and we acquire an outside facilitator to conduct our annual group conscious/inventory. This keeps our spiritual barometer in balanced/checked. I do attend other meetings; however, I’m hungry for HIs bread, thirsty to hear/inhale steps, sponsorship, service, and are infamous E,S, & H’s.

    Bottom line up front: I always walk out sober.

    It’s a good day to have a good day-sober!

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