Toward The Unknown

Getting sober in AA was a an uncertain walk into a hazy future. Once I started that walk, many other paths began to open up for me, into areas challenging, exciting and unknown. Like that first walk, all the others seem to benefit from focusing on the present moment and handling one obstacle at a time. Drinking was often a journey into the unknown, because I could never be sure how the night would end. But that was not courage, it was just recklessness, or insanity as Step Two refers to it. To walk through unfamiliar territory is not the same as tumbling headfirst down the rabbit hole. I have learned so much in AA and I am learning still. How to read nature’s signs, when to stop and rest, and when to carry on. Whenever it seems there will be no more new paths, another one opens up ahead of me. As I walk I grow stronger. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!


8 thoughts on “Toward The Unknown

  1. We have a tradition or otherwise spoken an easy discipline of affirming and reaffirming our 12 steps by focusing on a step for each month of the year.

    This month, the second month is one of frequent visiting and revisiting our second step which states, “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”.
    Many things happened and continue to happen as I am open to deepening experiences concerning sanity and my relationship to God as I understand him.
    One is the deep mystery of God being within and the sweet mystery of increasing awareness of his presence which brings me towards being or abiding in Him.

    We might ask a probing question – what is the practical aspect of all this?

    Well it is a profound gift of being able to progressively live a more abundant life.
    It is serendipitously summarized in the magnificent promises found on pages 83 and 84 of our Big Book.
    It begins, “If we are painstaking about this phase of our development we will be amazed……………”

    “We will be amazed” – not bad for starters!

  2. knowing when to STOP & REST instead of pushing through at all costs, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead, it is much calmer now that me, myself and ‘I’ have learned to get along with each other.

    wishing you a happy day

  3. Ah yes, towards the Unknown…which still is for me, unknowable.
    And that is the beauty of it- I am fundamentally incapable of knowing “It”.
    Tradition Twelve ( Long Form) suggests that by “placing principles before personalities”, as I ” actually practice genuine humility”, I may live in ” thankful contemplation”.
    Taking Step 2, for me, led to these principles becoming my Higher Power. I tried to practice them as you patiently showed me, one by one, what they were about.
    As I did so, I found I could rely upon them. Faith in them developed faith in that which lay behind them.
    I still can’t explain that great unknown; I do know however that a miracle has occurred in me and countless others.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Top of the grand VALENTINES Day brothers and sisters,
    Toward the unknown-Love It.
    My well’er just brought me back home from a birthday meeting and a steak lunch: with all the trimmings. Today is my 5 year birthday. About one month ago + 5years, I spent a good part of the day, hiding in my bedroom closet, chugging and crying. I was in a hole of fear, isolation, insanity, hopeless, and helplessness. The sad part of that, I was living alone. I cried in misery, God graced me with His mercy. This morning, I gave my first girlfriend while in recovery: flowers, a hand written card, and of course, my favorite type of dark chocloates…LOL. After that I boogie on a 30 mile road bike cycling ride. Just God and me. This afternoon, I going to a good friends house with not very much gooder landscape helpers/sons for a evening meal. My girlfriend and I are bringing the supper.
    The life I desire is happening right now. My destiny of peace, freedom and contentment is now.
    My misery, His Mercy.
    It’s a good day to have a good day my family.
    Thank you all very deeply for being here!
    Peace / Progress

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