Getting sober in AA was a an uncertain walk into a hazy future. Once I started that walk, many other paths began to open up for me, into areas challenging, exciting and unknown. Like that first walk, all the others seem to benefit from focusing on the present moment and handling one obstacle at a time. Drinking was often a journey into the unknown, because I could never be sure how the night would end. But that was not courage, it was just recklessness, or insanity as Step Two refers to it. To walk through unfamiliar territory is not the same as tumbling headfirst down the rabbit hole. I have learned so much in AA and I am learning still. How to read nature’s signs, when to stop and rest, and when to carry on. Whenever it seems there will be no more new paths, another one opens up ahead of me. As I walk I grow stronger. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!