I have finally quit living in the dark shadows of illusions, and have started living in the light of truth. What an amazing realization that has been. I also believe that God has been the guiding force in my life – as long as I continue to live in honesty, He is there for me. It’s an immediate feeling of “wrong” when I lie. I am learning to trust my feelings, I am learning to trust my instincts, and I am learning that I am not as horrible as I feared. There are no perfect people, there are no perfect lives, and there are no perfect feelings. I can live with my flaws, I can live with my imperfections – it just means that I am another imperfect human being – like everyone else on Earth. Reality is better than illusion. The Program teaches me much, and will continue to do so, it all depends on my willingness to accept myself as another imperfect human being. Dear Father – help me to accept my imperfections and to come to an understanding that I am simply a mere mortal. One that can come to accept the changes I need to make. Changes that give me the ability to grow and to become closer to You, for this I pray.