Tree, I want you to know that your honesty has inspired me to be honest with THIS24. I also had some texts from other Dear Friends(you know who you are….) to come clean. I’ve relapsed. Since the end of January. I have a new sponsor and I want to keep posting, so I’ve been using old posts to inspire. If you all find it ok, I would consider it an honor to continue. Tomorrow is another day-but not promised….so as I looked over a writing I was going to post….I will leave you with this:
I wanted to run from the rooms, but I sensed something within those four walls that drew me in – was it possible that I, too, could recover from alcoholism? In looking back I can see where my first action towards recovery was simply to show up for the meetings. I had lots of questions after a few meetings and that is where it was “suggested” that I get a sponsor, and I did. Having someone available to me to answer all my questions helped me to keep coming back to claim my seat at the tables. I was amazed at what I heard from the shares of others, and yet I saw people smiling, laughing, and there was a true sense of “brotherhood” in the rooms. People told me to Keep Coming Back – and I believed they meant it. I found a whole room of people who cared – about each other, and about the Program. I listened, I learned, I prayed, I came to believe, and I held on to the my faith in A.A., and my faith in God. Talk about a process! I have been transformed through the Program, and through my faith in God, my Higher Power.
Thank you for listening….Bonnie(SMB, Bonster….)