Thank you

For all the love and support, I am deeply appreciative.
I will leave you with this:
Sobriety brings me many blessings, but life still happens. People I care about get sick, and some pass on to the next realm. There are still wars between countries, and people still hurt each other out of hatred. In recovery I have found that I have a choice about how I want my life to look like, and I choose to live in the “sunlight of the spirit.” I believe that I will find what I search for, and I therefore look for the good in people, the positive actions of courage, honesty, faith, and humility. Love is present in the rooms, and in the people searching for a better way to live, a better way to love. I am forever grateful that I found my path to the tables, and that I became willing to try a new and different way of living and loving. I have more love in my life today than at any other time in my life.


7 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thought for the Day

    Liquor used to be my friend. I used to have a lot of fun drinking. Practically all the fun I had was connected with drinking. But the time came when liquor became my enemy. I don’t know just when liquor turned against me and became my enemy, but I know it happened, because I began to get into trouble. And since I realize that liquor is now my enemy, my main business is keeping sober. Making a living or keeping house is no longer my main business. It’s secondary to the business of keeping sober. Do I realize that my main business is keeping sober?

    Meditation for the Day

    I can depend on God to supply me with all the power I need to face any situation, provided that I will sincerely believe in that power and honestly ask for it, at the same time making all my life conform to what I believe God wants me to be. I can come to God as a business manager would come to the owner of the business, knowing that to lay the matter before Him means immediate cooperation, providing the matter has merit.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may believe that God is ready and willing to supply me with all that I need. I pray that I may ask only for faith and strength to meet any situation.
    🙂 ********************** 🙂
    Very soon my sponsor to be suggested to me that sobriety must be my number 1 priority.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Alcohol was my solution. If I am not honest, especially with myself, life can get so difficult that I will turn back to the best solution I had– until it stopped working. Today I have to keep working the program, intense one-on-one work with another alcoholic works for me when all else fails.

  3. we are alcoholic, we drink, we relapse in many ways. be well bonnie, know that we love you as any of us loves another. there is a bond amongst us that is undeniable. remember that our founders, bill & bob & those first couple dozen only had each other. hang in there, all of us need all of us.

    here is a quote from Bill W. January, 1958 on emotional sobriety;
    “In the first six months of my own sobriety, I worked hard with many alcoholics. Not a one responded. Yet this work kept me sober. It wasn’t a question of those alcoholics giving me anything. My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive.”

  4. Harry! So true my friend! Sobriety is my priority. If something new in my life threatens my sobriety, I will stop that something new until I can incorporate it into my recovery or not.
    My recovery before, during and after Fordy’s death was really strong but what’s happened in the last two years has been me evolving into a mature, strong, sober single woman!! And I love it!! If the death of the man that I wanted to grow old with, the love of my life, and to drink again wasn’t part of my solution, I’ve got a very strong recovery going.
    I am so grateful for the path my HP has led me on, it certainly isn’t the one I would have chosen myself! Understanding this and living this is awesome.
    The next level, for me, began when I started sponsoring other women! What insight comes from reading those first 164 pages with another alcoholic woman! How simple is that!!
    I love you guys!!

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