I know that the problem of drinking requires more than human solutions, it requires a spiritual power. Recently, I’ve come to terms with that, and my recovery began in earnest. Turning my drinking problem over to the care of a Higher Power, a power greater than myself, was but a beginning of my new journey to sobriety. This is Steps One through Three. And it took the rallying of sober friends plus a smidgen of faith, just a moment of being open and willing to consider the possibility of a power greater than me, greater than my disease. The spirit of God was at work in the lives of others around the tables, was it not then possible that it would work for me once again, as well? I came to believe – powerful words. All I had to do was “keep the faith,” and God did the rest. The spirit of love, the spirit of faith, and the spirit of acceptance all combined to give me the willingness to consider faith as an ally. I am grateful, and truly humbled before God, whose power has graced my life with peace, serenity and a joy beyond measure…one more time.

Photo courtesy of Mark S.
Photo courtesy of Mark S.

9 thoughts on “Grace

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    Before I get started on this reflection which I have stored in my mind overnight let me bring to your attention some thoughts on a simplified prayer by Max Lucado which might be found very helpful for anyone who might be like I have been many times and have questions on prayer in life.
    We are offered a very simple prayer in our 12 step program when we are advised in step 11 to pray only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out.

    My wife Sherry and I attended an old-time gospel singing last night and heard some of my old friends, members of a group now called New Grace Singers.
    It was held as a benefit for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and all proceeds including the auction of 4 cakes that brought in about $300 total and the love offering undoubtedly reached several thousands.

    These two young men who I delivered and three others who formed the singing group have developed into very fine singers as well as very fine men and I’m proud to have been part of their lives for around 50 years now.
    Their mother, a zinger of a lady and their honorable dad even a bit longer.
    Life is good.
    God is good.

    While all this good gospel singing was going on I was spying on the Holy Spirit by looking around the audience and seeing numerous people overtly demonstrating This Spirit within in external manifestations and obviously in joy and peace.
    One particular young man who I would take to be around 20 years old and obviously suffering from cerebral palsy was without doubt caught up in spiritual joy as they proclaimed God in gospel singing.

    A more abundant life is being fulfilled in this old guy.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Good Sunday morning
    Thank you for the post and shares. The picture is beautiful. I am also revisiting Step 1-3. Turning my will over to my HP. Be still, be obedient, disciplined. I have a hard time with discpline. I grew up in a very strict home, therfore my natural instinct is to rebel. But when l do all hell breaks loose and my life is chaotic. A woman in my home group told that disciplining yourself is not like the discipline growing up. That discipline was outside yourself the discipline that you need to do now is within yourself. She also asked me what am I going to do different this time. I feebly said I have a new Sponsor. I have to work on what i need to do to mantain long lasting sobriety. This has to come first before anything else. Namaste. Tree

  3. wheew, been a week since ive seen my mother drink a half cup of water and it stay down. She’s got one Zofran left and says she’s doesn’t feel as sick this morning. The gift today is being aware and able to ask for help with this matter from many friends and family. Today will consist of searching for a specimen hat but no longer do feel like I have to take her to ER for dehydration yet shes still quite frail which will keep me on my toes with a very close eye on what she eats and drinks. Hope the rest of my family is doing well today. I need help and so do they. God bless!

  4. Today I can hold my friends in my heart, praying they receive His Blessings into their spirit.
    Today I can ask Him what I should do to help.
    Today I can know His Grace.
    Used to be on Sunday mornings I would just cringe, hung over, waiting to learn what I had done the night before.
    Grateful for the Gift

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