We Will Not Regret The Past

Today, I value what I’ve learned in the past. Each lesson has led to the next. Every person and event in each part of my life has been invaluable in shaping and forming me– in creating the person I am today. Each part of my past, each person who has come into my life and shared experiences with me has helped me to open my heart more to life, love, God, others, and myself. Even those experiences I thought of as wrong, or mistakes, have been an important and necessary part in creating who I am. Sometimes, those experiences formed the most important parts of me because they created in me a compassion and understanding for others. The most painful events in my life are the ones that opened me to my ability to bring healing, help, and hope to others. My past taught me to love– others and myself, once again. It has helped me become a channel for Divine love and I am grateful to be alive. Something not long ago, I could say. So when I hear ….We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it….I UNDERSTAND that today! ♥ Blessings and Love my friends!


13 thoughts on “We Will Not Regret The Past

  1. Bonnie, you have a small, intimate life and on-line recovery network and most of us know your beautiful recovery story well. I suspected you were in trouble months and months ago when you started talking about how virtuous and loving to yourself you were becoming, a period of many, many months of reflections where you talked about being “lovable , good enough, worthy”. I’ve seen a few of those that abandoned the difficulty of step work in favor of this kind of self-indulgence, but I’ve seen nothing permanent come from it. For me, this business of self love comes on slow and while a component of it is putting the plug in the jug, the bigger, more cathartic point is understanding that we are loved by the Father, flaws and all. Just loved because we’re loved by Him, not by ourselves. No doubt people will disagree, but ok

    But what really happened? I know we’re all curious and caring, certain that you have something to say to us that might save us or someone we love. Please let us know. Thanks from a faithful friend and regular reader. You are courageous and bold; now use your forum to be truthful about what happened. There’s nothing more valuable, self-revealing and ultimately, healing. Great blessing from a friend that’s been here since the start

  2. For me, it’s all about Step One and reminding myself EVERYDAY of Step One and the utter lack of control over alcohol. I have a list of people I think about who have relapsed (or died) and remember these people everyday in my prayer/meditation time…first thing in the morning. It’s worked for nearly 10 years so I’ll keep doing it. The other Steps are necessary of course, but I have to remember why I’m even in AA to begin with and my attempts to control my drinking always failed.

  3. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I watched a PBS presentation on the life and career of Gary Cooper one of my favorite actors of all time and who I remember very fondly from going to see the picture shows, “Sgt. York, Pride of the Yankees, High Noon” and many others.

    Comments from his beautiful daughter were included with a wonderful little story of her dad’s telling her, “There never was a horse that couldn’t be rode and there never was a rider who couldn’t be throde”.
    She commented that this set her attitude for her whole life.

    My daddy told me, “There never was a horse that couldn’t be rode and there never was a cowboy that couldn’t be throde”.

    I wonder if this served to set my life’s philosophy.

    Of course this humility went out the window when I was under the influence of liquor which obviously allows primitive guidances and behaviors to display.

    I found the presence of A Higher Power which leads to higher thoughts and behaviors is the ultimate and lasting solution.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  4. The other day my sponsors wifey came out to the shop and talked about her daughter emotionally crashing after leaving Arizona on spring break. So we talked about how the heavenly father loves all us more than we do ourselves and how we need to rely upon and trust that love, that he’s in charge with a greater plan we have for ourselves. But I want, haha. I’m Dan, grateful alcoholic learning to trust in him.

  5. The license read: B WHO UR. How can I? she thought. I don’t know who I am!

    Sometimes in recovery I say the words, but really don’t know who I am or have been able to accept. But that is where I can ask my hp to guide and take my difficulties away, anxiousness, etc. And thy will not mine.
    Glad to read the shares. Thank you thank you kt

    • Thanks for sharing KT. Most of the times I have no idea who I am. Lived in a fantasy world for so long. Learned very little coping skills. Anxiousness is a real tough one. I try to pray daily for release of anxiety and fear. Thy will not mine. Namaste

  6. Each morning, I take my anxious weary spirit through a process of reconnection with God.
    Sometimes it happens pretty quickly, sometimes it takes a wee while.
    I remember His gifts to us, and His love all around, which passes all through us.
    As I calm, as I breathe slowly and deeply, as I dwell compassionately on my fellows and on our principles, then peace enters my body and I feel my heart.
    I begin to be able to be useful.
    I used to just wake up with a hangover.
    Grateful for the Gift

  7. I used to wake up, still with alcohol in my system. I needed more to take the edge off.
    That hasn’t happened in a long time.
    So grateful for the gift!!

  8. Top of the morning family,
    His grace, His providence gives me strength and courage to obey His plan. My self worth is rooted in Him and through Him. Before I knew Divine Mercy, I should’ve had been throwing hellacious pity parties because I was lost without any hope.
    Today, this translates to listening, living, spirituality and joy.

    It’s a good day to have a good day.

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