Today, I value what I’ve learned in the past. Each lesson has led to the next. Every person and event in each part of my life has been invaluable in shaping and forming me– in creating the person I am today. Each part of my past, each person who has come into my life and shared experiences with me has helped me to open my heart more to life, love, God, others, and myself. Even those experiences I thought of as wrong, or mistakes, have been an important and necessary part in creating who I am. Sometimes, those experiences formed the most important parts of me because they created in me a compassion and understanding for others. The most painful events in my life are the ones that opened me to my ability to bring healing, help, and hope to others. My past taught me to love– others and myself, once again. It has helped me become a channel for Divine love and I am grateful to be alive. Something not long ago, I could say. So when I hear ….We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it….I UNDERSTAND that today! ♥ Blessings and Love my friends!