Maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” is not always easy, but it can offset any “dark” thoughts I may have. It is true that I have done things in recovery that I never would have believed that I had the courage to do, like confronting my issues, or making amends face to face with those who are angry with me. Expressing my anger, or dealing with hurt feelings is something I was not good at before recovery. Now I work at finding the right words, so I can be honest with myself and others. If I can’t be true to myself, my recovery will never be solid. Feeling sorry for myself usually means that I am holding others hostage for my feelings. I am responsible for me, period. Action gets me moving, and moving gets me out of any rut I find myself in. I have to do something – the Program has a multitude of suggestions, just think of the slogans on the walls of the Fellowship halls: Think, Think, Think; Easy Does It; Live and Let Live; One Day at a Time; Let Go and Let God; I Can’t, God Can, so let Him – to name a few. We watched the sunset over the horizon…the picture is below. It put my life into perspective. How do you keep an attitude of gratitude?

Tonight's Sunset 3/7/16

Tonight’s Sunset 3/7/16