Learning to live by the Spiritual Principles of AA alone can take a lifetime. The Program is not something we complete, it is something we live – day by day. No matter how long we have been in a state of recovery, there are always new lessons to learn. I need to practice the principles of honesty and integrity, daily. The old behaviors are still present and being mindful of that fact can save me a lot of misery. I work to be as honest as I can. It takes courage to be emotionally honest with others, particularly those we love, and whose love we seek. It takes willingness to effect the changes in my behavior that are needed for me to achieve a true sense of humility and self-love. It takes perseverance, and a true sense of “brotherly love” for me to accept the love of my Higher Power, God. Today I love and care about all others, to the best of my ability. I walk in the sunlight of the Spirit, and I seek to do His will.

Photo courtesy of Maggs!!
Photo courtesy of Maggs!!

10 thoughts on “Messages….

  1. The AA program is not something we complete. It is a daily reprieve. If I expect to stay physically fit, I can’t just decide I have outgrown exercise and then be surprised when I become unhealthy. I have to work the steps everyday.

  2. Thank you all for helping me stay sober this 24. A sister in our home group committed suicide this week. We were all shocked and saddened. It brought awareness to me to be in tune with brotherly love. Not to take things for granted. To always extend the hand of AA. You never know what someone is going through. Love to you all. Theresa

  3. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    Do we all agree? Is our soul constantly striving to get back to heaven?

    One of the promises in our big book: “We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it”.
    Really? This might give one pause for thought!

    This reflection by Rabbi Eckstein certainly caused me to think this morning – Alas.
    I just love it to discover some undiscovered wisdom.

    Over the last 29 years I have had some fairly frequent contact with several rabbis as well as numerous Christians and a few Muslims and some Hindi and undoubtedly quite a few Buddhist and all of them have represented God as I understand him.

    This journey is rapturous!

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  4. Not that this is very long, but I’ve been in the program for nearly 10 years and it really doesn’t get easy or at least dealing daily with “life on life’s terms” never gets easy. I feel like there are constant obstacles especially at work. I just need to stay close to my HP and always remember Step One.

  5. Walking our path, sensing The Divine, filling with His Grace, humbly praying for direction.
    As a child, coming home.
    Grateful for the Gift

  6. Top of the morning family,
    This week I’m finding that my spiritual journey has become very difficult. I’m understanding through others, that it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve missed something. It could mean that God is testing my faith, my endurance, and suffering- to guide me where He wants me for His purpose.
    Throughout yesterday and today so far, I’m laying it down on His feet/attempting to give it up to Divine Mercy. Pssst, over here, I need your mercy. I’m praying that what happens next is this thorn in my side grows to bear spiritual fruit. I’m praying that I sit still and not jump into my foolish timing.

    Today is a good day to ask for His discernment.

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