I’m Grateful

There is an A.A. meeting named “Back to Basics” which I like – because it is essential that I stick to the basics of recovery. As an alcoholic I can complicate the heck out of just about anything – but it’s when I remember the basics of recovery that I find the simplicity I need to clear my mind and restore my faith in the Program. Recovery is a process of change and growth, it is not an event from which we “graduate.” I still work to remember to maintain an “attitude of gratitude” and I have received many blessings and gifts that remind me time and again of just how truly blessed I am. I am comfortable being “a part of” and that means in meetings, yes, but I m also comfortable being with others in general. I can look others in the eye when I am introduced, and do not hang my head in the hopes that they will not “see” the real me. I am part of a community, part of a Fellowship and part of a “family.” I, too, am grateful for the Program. It has certainly changed me in many ways; from being angry, spiteful, belligerent, dishonest, and just plain hateful of others. Today I love many, understand myself and my behavior better than at any other time, and my anger at the world in general is gone. I am responsible for me, I am responsible for working my Program, and I am responsible for maintaining that good old Attitude of Gratitude.


9 thoughts on “I’m Grateful

  1. Lots of times I think I’m so smart!

    For instance, I have read through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous numerous times in various ways and I continue to do so.
    I read these daily reflections which frequently reference very significant passages out of our marvelous tome but I continue to be amazed at the freshness that seems to jump off the pages almost every time I go there.
    Ever since my very early experience started in Alcoholics Anonymous I have been aware of this concept of an arch and our marching through it to victory over alcoholism but my gosh before this very moment this morning I had never gotten the significance of the Keystone so I have really relished this perusement.
    When the student is ready the teacher will appear!

    So smart?

    So diligent!

    MARCH 14
    He is the Father, and we are His children. Most good ideas
    are simple, and this concept was the keystone of the new
    and triumphant arch through which we passed to freedom.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

    • Thanks Harry, I also am amazed each time I read the daily reflections like today about the keystone snd how the steps together build an arch for us. My sponsor always references the daily reflections in her communication to me and when we started our sponsor sponsee relatonship quite a few years ago she showed me what she does every morning. She reads DR , 24 aa thought gor the day and prays. She is a great example of GOD Good orderly Direction. Even now with her challenge of cancer and chemo treatments she is showing me how her faith is holding her up. What a testimony for us in aa that follow her experience strength and hope. And thank you Harry as you also hold a special place in learning this program of recovery.

  2. Good Monday morning.
    I mantained an outward appearance of happiness, good manners and kindness, but inside i was rotten flesh. I was full of anger and righteous indignation. I have just recently become aware of this. I have been reading a lot about self surrender lately. “Once self surrender has taken place, ownership has been changed, and this is no mere make-believe, a bantering of words. Something vital and eternal has taken place; you belong to another. He decides your life plans he directs your details is the source of your power, for he is the center of your affections and loyalty. This is a change as real as if a planet wandering through space without goal suddenly became attached to a star and henceforth revolve around that star.”
    I will say over and over until fixed in this addictive brain.” I belong to one and to one only, my creator. It is settled and settled forever. Namaste

  3. I appreciate what Clay said yesterday about aligning my prayers to God’s will. Thanks! And thanks for the prayers folks, all is well. I’m handling life with a greater consciousness. Amen and prayers for my cyber buddies!

  4. Grateful for your gentle presence as we come into the Light and let ourselves be disciplined in this simple way.
    We receive our blessings and give thanks.
    May I resolutely turn my thoughts to others whom I may help, according to His direction.
    Grateful for the Gift

  5. Top of the morning family,
    We have a direct line of communication to our Heavenly Father; our calls/cries are very important to Him. I need your presence and power to move forward. The world wants me to respond out of anger, depression, and/or revenge. Today, I’m learning that I don’t have to fix everything in my own strength. Today, in this time of severe frustration(s), I run the risk of self decision making. This posture of impulsive decision making can/will impact the rest of my life. When I’m sideways/jumpy, I’m showcasing to Divine Mercy, that His timing sucks, my timing is better.
    Basics to me:
    Am I incapable of being honest with myself?
    Am I developing a manner of living that demands honesty?
    Am I violating spiritual principles?
    Am I focusing on promises/answers/problems/messes?
    Will this give honor and glory to Divine Mercy?
    How will this benefit my family/friends through His power/message?
    For this; I’m grateful that God is so very very very patient with me. Divine Mercy has my six covered.
    Today is a good day to “be still”

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