There is an A.A. meeting named “Back to Basics” which I like – because it is essential that I stick to the basics of recovery. As an alcoholic I can complicate the heck out of just about anything – but it’s when I remember the basics of recovery that I find the simplicity I need to clear my mind and restore my faith in the Program. Recovery is a process of change and growth, it is not an event from which we “graduate.” I still work to remember to maintain an “attitude of gratitude” and I have received many blessings and gifts that remind me time and again of just how truly blessed I am. I am comfortable being “a part of” and that means in meetings, yes, but I m also comfortable being with others in general. I can look others in the eye when I am introduced, and do not hang my head in the hopes that they will not “see” the real me. I am part of a community, part of a Fellowship and part of a “family.” I, too, am grateful for the Program. It has certainly changed me in many ways; from being angry, spiteful, belligerent, dishonest, and just plain hateful of others. Today I love many, understand myself and my behavior better than at any other time, and my anger at the world in general is gone. I am responsible for me, I am responsible for working my Program, and I am responsible for maintaining that good old Attitude of Gratitude.