This life I live today is different than the life I lived before recovery, even before 1 month ago – there is no question about the changes that have taken place in my life – they simply are.  I respond to problems differently.  I feel different towards other people, from all walks in life.  I behave kindly, I have empathy today. I’ve developed a deep-seated honesty that was sorely missing before.  My faith in a higher power is evident in my life,  My attitude towards problems in life is no longer anger and manipulation, today I look for solutions, solutions that best serve God, me and those around me.  Patience, willingness, humility and persistent growth are my goals each day.  I do not always succeed, but each day I try again, and again.  I am amazed and astounded when I consider these differences. Never would I have thought these changes possible, let alone probable. Thank you all for being in my life! Grateful for the gift ❤