This life I live today is different than the life I lived before recovery, even before 1 month ago – there is no question about the changes that have taken place in my life – they simply are.  I respond to problems differently.  I feel different towards other people, from all walks in life.  I behave kindly, I have empathy today. I’ve developed a deep-seated honesty that was sorely missing before.  My faith in a higher power is evident in my life,  My attitude towards problems in life is no longer anger and manipulation, today I look for solutions, solutions that best serve God, me and those around me.  Patience, willingness, humility and persistent growth are my goals each day.  I do not always succeed, but each day I try again, and again.  I am amazed and astounded when I consider these differences. Never would I have thought these changes possible, let alone probable. Thank you all for being in my life! Grateful for the gift ❤


11 thoughts on “Before/After

  1. My soul rests with God, my Anamchara.

    I’m still making the very slight adjustment to the spring time time change and my sleep is slightly disturbed but it’s better today on the third day in on the change; so it is true we constantly make adjustments.

    I’m thankful to have made a lifetime adjustment to a new way of living some 29+ years ago which bides me well as it has bode me well.

    As I celebrate the 84th anniversary of my original birthday today I feel a slight heaviness in my soul as I consider the uncertainty of my remaining time here but it’s always been that way.
    Life is uncertain.
    My life is manageable and unmanageable all the while.
    Steadiness comes by being anchored in faith.


    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Happy birthday Harry, I’ve been reading your reflections since I discovered Daily Reflections around 2011. You faithfulness has quietly and beautifully infiltrated my thoughts, my views, my prayers. Prayers of gratitude for you today my cyber friend

  3. Harry, you’re in a lot of prayers today my friend.
    Thank you for so generously sharing that which you have learned.
    My spiritual progress, and the lives of those around me, have benefitted from your kind and faithful service. As you can see, I am not alone in that.
    Many blessings.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. A very happy and blessed birthday. Your writings always give me hope and even though I am 58 it is not too old to embrace the AA way of life and it’s spiritual principles. I have also adopted your morning resolve as one of my prayers. Thank you everyone. You all help me! Namaste

  5. Top of the morning family,
    Happy Birthday Harry S
    Your wisdom strikes home your messages of hope to me; pray, trust God, and leave them pesky consequences to Him.
    Moreover, there is purpose behind our trials, even when life appears confusing and hopeless. Divine Mercy won’t allow hardships to come our way without good reason. Awareness and appreciation, pretty sweet deal; it’s a honor to sit cyberly next to you.
    It’s always a good day to have cake.
    My misery, His mercy.

  6. Lots has changed since recovery took root, not drinking chief among them. I’m still frequently a pain in the #$s to those that I love. I still tell little lies to make me look better, a continuing disappointment when I know I’m loved both by HP and even my family just as I am. The biggest difference, though, is that I know I’m forgiven and accepted, warts and all. More than anything, I want to know, please and honor this God who has so loved me despite my continuing lack of merit. Lots of time but not always, I rest deeply, help willingly, love unconditionally because of it. If it’s changed me on the outside, please don’t tell me for I can think of no better reason to drink than to celebrate the arrival of my virtue.

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