There have been times when I could see that I needed to make some changes in my life before a desired change could take place. Understanding acceptance is needed before recovery can be obtained. I need to accept that I am an alcoholic before I can work towards recovery. I need to accept that the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous are the basis of a sober life. I needed to accept the idea of a Higher Power before I could come to terms with my own “version” of God. Things are being worked out in me, through the process we call recovery AND outside help as it suggests in the Big Book, that will enable me to believe in my ability to change and recover from this deadly disease we call alcoholism. It is a matter of practicing these principles in all my affairs. It is a matter of coming to believe. It is a matter of slowing myself down that I might then make better choices; choices that require thought, time, and patience. And it is definitely a matter of working the Twelve Steps, which are the guides to change, growth, and finding the right path, the path to my Higher Power.