As I have grown in the Program, so has my ability to define my likes and dislikes. I may have found that those traits I came into the Program with, are now changed. This will impact those I am close to, and they may not be as accepting as I think they should be. I can only account for my own behaviors, not the behaviors of others – they too, will have to find their own way. Flack (or flak) is described in the dictionary as having feelings of “opposition or criticism.” I have heard that in some alcoholic/non-alcoholic relationships, that quite often the non-alcoholic resents the changes required of recovery, and then it is up to the alcoholic wishing sobriety to assert their intentions to remain true to the Program, in spite of spousal negation. Most often it is a matter of time – time to resolve issues as they arise, time to allow for the changes taking place, and time for adjustments to be made by both parties. Relationships can be very complex and dynamic, as most of us know. Giving the alcoholic flack for the changes occurring, is like holding others responsible for your behavior – it no longer works and should be disregarded. We are each responsible for our own recovery, and that recovery can entail all those “around” us – family, friends and fellows in recovery. Whomever it touches, my recovery is my responsibility, my desire and my deepest hope.
30 days today Friends and going strong!!! 💗