Consideration of change…. is a process, and requires thought, time, and lots of patience. I have too many times allowed and encouraged haste in my life, followed shortly thereafter by regret and even remorse, at times. I try to set boundaries for myself, and this works – when I adhere to them. Practicing patience does not come natural to me, I need to slow myself down, take time to breathe and come to an understanding of the need for time, space, and the idea that there are “things” being worked out in my life, and when I am “ready” change will occur. My life is right on God’s schedule, not necessarily my schedule. This weekend will be a testament to see how well I can practice. With family gatherings for the holiday, it will be a good time to Let go and Let God. 😇
You’re in our prayers Dan!! Keep us updated. Albert….are you there?