Consideration of change…. is a process, and requires thought, time, and lots of patience. I have too many times allowed and encouraged haste in my life, followed shortly thereafter by regret and even remorse, at times. I try to set boundaries for myself, and this works – when I adhere to them. Practicing patience does not come natural to me, I need to slow myself down, take time to breathe and come to an understanding of the need for time, space, and the idea that there are “things” being worked out in my life, and when I am “ready” change will occur. My life is right on God’s schedule, not necessarily my schedule. This weekend will be a testament to see how well I can practice. With family gatherings for the holiday, it will be a good time to Let go and Let God. 😇
You’re in our prayers Dan!! Keep us updated. Albert….are you there?


4 thoughts on “Patience

  1. A frequent occurrence for many people is to blame God and feel he is responsible for tragic events in our lives.
    Just the other day a dear lady shared how the untimely death of her son was blamed on God and how she went through all the stages of grief and constantly kept her distance.
    She has become reconciled and undoubtedly as I see it she is a woman of great faith.

    Here’s what one of my favorite compatriots on the World Wide Web has to say about this.
    God may or may not send them (that’s a maybe), but God will absolutely use them, when they happen, to transform us and teach us what we need to know next (that’s a certainty). There’s no resurrection without a crucifixion. — Molly Basquette

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Patience?
    Contemplation and reflection?
    Of others? Of my role? Of my possible transgression?
    That wasn’t me.
    Nope… get pissed and let her rip!
    Now, these days, in the stillness…come the long thoughts and the cycle of identifiable emotion, honoured and then released.
    Now the question- is it kind? Is it loving? What would He do?
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Patience is the spiritual ability of acceptance and tolerance. Its a choice. Why me? Why now? says self. The process of asking for strenght and courage for stillness leads to; why not me, why not now. Be still, I have something better for you…..
    Do I trust His plans for me? Do I trust His timing? Or do I, “as Tom S mentioned” vomit my ego all over everyone and everything? When self gets jumpy/froggy, my actions tells Divine Mercy that my timing is better. I will not wait for orders/direction. Daily I must ask/seek His will; in return patience will be restored. Today, I’m learning that being patience while suffering, is my trust in Him of His love to me.
    Today, this former salty soldier awaits His orders.

    I heard recently from a wise man of God:
    – How can self become more self-controllled?
    – Can a wild animal tame itself?
    – Self will never deny what self desires?

    Today, something good will happen to us.


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