Perfect Timing

I have had moments of feeling rejected, being cast aside, given no value, or discarded like something that has “turned” like a bad apple. I no longer accept or anticipate rejection, just the opposite has occurred since I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am accepted in the rooms and by many members. My time in the Program has enabled me to make behavioral changes in my life that now help me demonstrate the spiritual values and principles of the Program. The old, negative behavior is not so present in my life; I treat others better, I treat myself better, I work to be of use to others, I strive to serve my Higher Power and trust He has placed me exactly where I am today, that I might then make amends to others and serve His purpose. I am happy, I am grateful for all my many blessings, and I am exactly right where His Divine Mercy wants me to be.


10 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    I had a brief conversation with a friend of mine just a couple of days ago and he asked me if I was going to church on Easter Sunday?
    I replied that I don’t like to go on Easter Sunday because it is so crowded. This is just one of my many idiosyncrasies; I don’t like the crush of crowds in a small space and since we have what is called a combined service on Easter, that’s just what we get.
    So I passed.
    So that’s over for now but I am starkly reminded that Easter season is only beginning and continues for the next 50 days in which we are to celebrate the resurrection and everlasting newness of God as we understand him.
    In our 12 step program we come to the point of constantly going through something like Lent as we do our 10th step and then we strive for continuous constant contact with our higher power as we do our 11th step. We then purposefully attempt to manifest our newfound spirituality in our 12 step.
    We call these the maintenance steps and we avow that this is our surety, our assurance of our best chance for continued sobriety.

    Rabbi Eckstein has a wonderful idea on how to best go on in our spiritual journey and anyone the one who wants to read about this is invited to do so.

    So we all didn’t I everyone to trudge the Road of Happy Destiny, this journey of sobriety.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper. It’s

  2. Prayers are working for ma, long story. Also gotta go talk to mr sponsorpants today casue Im done working for him. trust issues are still pretty deep seeded with him and I and he’s just incapable of showing he values my work. I’ve got 6 years sober today and its time to say NO. No to giving my life for over 3 n half years for 7 an hour under the table and so many unfullfilled promises i cant stand it. I knew in my heart and so did many others that it wasnt a good idea to work for a sponsor who’s too smart for his own good. I do not envy any man who tries tangling tongues with this man cause they dont have a chance. Even his sponsor says, ” yeah, he can dance”. He’s taught me much but I dont wanna be how he treats others. I picked him becasue i wanted to learn to say no and he’s taught me that. Hooray. I’ll try and kep the drama to a minimum so i can serve others.

    • Bless you 3d for your 6 years today and also for your care for your mother. Caregiving for a parent can often be challenging. At least it was for me. Congrats again on your 6 years of Sobriety. Kt

    • Now I can say it….CONGRATULATIONS DAN!!! It’s been awesome watching you grow! Happy that prayers for MA are working. You’re a grown man! If you can’t grow with a sponsor….then go….that’s what I was told. Hugs my friend.

    • Top notch shot out Dan, 6 years. Your sharing of life demonstrates hope and His good news for me. All the while, we don’t have to spin a cap off and guzzle.

  3. Combine detachment with doing our part.

    Balance giving with receiving.

    Alternate work with play, business with personal activities.

    Balance tending to our spiritual needs with tending to our other needs.

    Juggle responsibilities to others with responsibilities to ourselves.

    Balance caring about others with caring about ourselves.

    Whenever possible, let’s be good to others, but be good to ourselves too.

    I think some time I have a very difficult time achieving balance, I often slip into that toxic thinking where I judge others and myself. So I liked the last quote I read whenever possible be good to others and be good yo ourselves too.

  4. Top of the day family,
    The sun rose again in the east, all with no assistance from me. As HarryS opines; it is odd or God…
    Today I am learning through pain that my timing sucks. His timing is perfect. His timing prepares me for what He has designed/prepared for me. Today, I’m learning that fancy wancy cliché, “I’ll be glad when this is over” is a ruse. It’s a worldly phrase packed with conditions for my happiness and peace. His love showcases that I can find joy in the midst of trials. That’s Divine power! I’ll be glad when this is done, reveals a lack of faith for His timing in my life. Today, I am learning that Divine Mercy works too slow for “my” timing. But then again, it’s us humans that invented clocks.
    It’s a good day to be where He wants us to be day.

  5. Congratulations Danimal !!!
    6 years! That’s awesome!!
    We’ve been seeing you here for most of those years.
    You’ve grown a lot in those years.

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