The rooms of A.A. are filled with a diverse group of people. Our common denominator is we all suffer from the disease of alcoholism, and we have a desire to get and stay sober. That is our “Primary Purpose,” and the basis for our Program. I, for one, love the diversity of our membership. In introducing ourselves the only “identifier” is “alcoholic.” It matters not who we are beyond that definition. Our financial, marital, or other designated status in the community is not what we’re gathered together for. It matters not what job we hold, who we are married to, or if we are married or single, whether we have money in the bank, or just a few quarters in our pocket. None of it matters. For the most part, we did not arrive at the doors of A.A. in great financial, physical, or spiritual well-being. If we were lucky we came in a state of defeat – King Alcohol had whipped our butts. We were ready, we were willing, and we were desperate for recovery. What got you to the rooms?