I really don’t think I began to learn about being responsible for my own feelings and behavior until some time into recovery. I still try to accept the responsibility for the behavior of others, when it is clearly not mine to assume. I encourage others to make their own decisions, to take the responsibility for their own actions and behavior, and to quit blaming others for their problems. On our chips is imprinted “To Thine Own self Be True.” That tends to put the responsibility right where it belongs, in my own lap. If I want change in my life, I am responsible for the actions that will cause that change. If others try to hold me responsible for their behavior, it is up to me to let them know that I am responsible for myself, not the behavior of others. My Higher Power reminds me through my actions of just what part of being responsible for my behavior, is solely mine, and what part is not mine. Today, I am responsible for me.