Language Of The Heart…..

I know in my heart that God’s spirit is ever-present in my life because of AA, the steps and a sponsor. I feel Him, in the love I have for my family, and those whom I call friends. To receive such love means that I have reached a place of giving love to others. I have stopped comparing myself to others – yes, I hear the similarities when I attend a meeting, and have learned to direct my attention to those similarities, rather than the differences. There are common behaviors, just as there are common bonds among those I hold close to my heart. I am not the “unique” individual I envisioned myself to be, at one time. There is an unspoken “language of the heart” among those in the Program, we “know” each other, even when we are strangers.❤


5 thoughts on “Language Of The Heart…..

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    Oh what a blessing my life is and has been and believe me I have finally come to growing gratitude and thanksgiving for this simple and complex thing and it is accentuated by acknowledgment all its fullness including the good, the bad and the ugly. We are admonished and instructed to share our experience, strength and hope with others in the context of acknowledging our personal adventures before and after which means for me before coming into meaningful relationship with God as I understand him and recognizing what happened to bring me there and sharing by thought word and deed what I am like since then.
    Occasionally a kind and compassionate person will declare that I am too hard on myself but our program of recovery declares that we must first of all be hard on ourselves and always kind towards others.
    I practice a program of recovery which is a spiritual pathway and step 10 in this program declares; “”Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it””. There is no vagueness and the word and process; “”Continued””.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Yesterday my wife and I discovered that my 24 year old daughter has been involved for quite some time in a highly inappropriate relationship with a married man 20 years her senior. She says she wants it to be over; she and only she knows. What a reminder for me that the only thing that will satisfy my desire to be fully known and loved anyway is a relationship with the One in whom there is no condemnation, that acceptance is not found in the bottle or a woman or a drug or …. I told my sweet child yesterday that this could be the greatest day of her short life, or just another brick in the wall of misery and despair, but the choice was hers. The very early days of believing there could be no suitable substitute for alcohol have long since yielded to the ever present certainly of His love and His grace…may she find comfort in the only one who will ever love her without condition or judgment. May I do the same, knowing she is secure in His omnipotent care.

  3. God, help me search out the blocks and barriers within myself. Bring what I need to know into my conscious mind, so I can be free of it. Show me what I need to know about myself.

    Some one in aa along the way told me to just ask for help thus I liked the last phrase, Show me what I need to know about myself.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Our faith journey begins with one step; a step in humility towards Divine Mercy’s calling. His instructions give us purpose/plan for our lives. His love molds our self-esteem/self worth. Self likes to spend time behind the comfort zone. His calling commands that I must march forward. Shame/guilt is rightfully replaced by gratitude. Fear and my exaggerated anxiety are removed and replaced by love. You have been forgiven, now go, go do my works for my children. His omnipotent power allows us to help one another. Self-eyes, self- ears, self’s perception of reality wants to play it safe. Faith leads me to believe in the impossible. His love stretches my faith farther than I can ever imagine. Even though ego awoke this am on the pillow next to me, I am sober. I am free. I am in His presence. I am motivated to reach the goal that He has assigned.
    Today I can look back and know this: I’ve come far because of faith in the One who created me.
    Today, I have a future.
    Today something good will happen to us.

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