(Reflection courtesy of KT)

Demands made upon other people for too much at- tention, protection, and love can only invite domina- tion or revulsion. . . .

As I read the daily reflections this morning, I was reminded that I used to think that seeking approval could not be part of a character defect as I was seeking to make people happy, no harm right???
Well today after realizing more and more this need to be ok in the eyes of others is very deep seated and needs constant check and balances in my program of recovery. One good thing is that I no longer need to bend myself like a pretzel to fit into someones ideas, I can state my position better to people without indignation.
God, or HP, help me search out the blocks and barriers within myself. Bring what I need to know into my conscious mind, so I can be free of it. Show me what I need to know about myself.

Photo and reflection courtesy of Tom R

Photo courtesy of Tom R