There are at least a couple of women in my local Fellowship who cause me to sit up and take notice when they share. They have good “lessons” to impart. Meditation is my quiet time with the God of my understanding. It only takes a few minutes of focusing and refocusing my mind on my “here and now,” Praying for guidance and knowledge of God’s will for me was but a beginning. Rather than a formal meditation session, I prefer a more casual approach to prayer. I ask questions, I pray for the health and well-being of those known to me, and those who are unknown to me. I work to keep an open mind in my search for God’s will for me. I know to leave my life and my will in the hands of the Master. . . and then practice the art of patience, because God’s answers don’t always come on my time schedule. But, as usual, God is right on time; as He has to wait for me to be ready to receive the messages that I need to “hear.” (Listen)