Entirely Ready

(Reflection courtesy of Bill M-thank you!!!)
“Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” Step 6 is short in the Big Book because the concept is simple, although the process it initiates is hard. Once we are willing, the step itself does not take long. But it launches a lifetime of activity and, hopefully, patient progress that is carried out in the activities of 10, 11, and 12.

Willingness is an action. I have to do the footwork to identify my defects. The defects of character lead to behavior that is not useful, especially to myself or my fellows. These defects are usually extremes of my natural impulses. Anger at the injustices of the world is natural. Rage at the person who cut me off and made me three seconds late is a defect. Cutting him off in turn is bad behavior. Once I had done an inventory and shared with another I had a clear picture of my defects and I became entirely ready to be rid of these glaring defects as I understood them. Over time, more defects of character were uncovered and I had to became entirely willing to have them removed as well. This is an on-going process. Being willing to have defects removed does not mean they are removed. My action in Step 6 is to be entirely willing. The outcome is not in my hands.I am currently working on becoming willing to give up my need for control. I have a reservation that if I become accepting my world will come crashing down without my help. When I am willing to have defects removed, I don’t feed the defects. I talk to another person, I pray, I meditate. I share at a blog site.


6 thoughts on “Entirely Ready

  1. APRIL 12
    . . . where alcohol has been involved, we have been
    strangely insane.

    My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    It seems that I don’t have much to say this morning but I have much to consider.

    So I pray for H .O. W.

    In the vernacular of our program this acronym stands for honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.
    This I need to consider.

    At one time in my life I said that I didn’t have any prejudice whatsoever. The stark truth was of course I was filled with prejudice by this very egoistic declaration.
    A working definition for prejudice for me today is, “already have my mind made up”.

    It’s often said that “they are okay as long as they remain in their place”.
    I know it was often said because my mother said that all the time.

    Today I know I must be constantly on guard against already having my mind made up.

    But I want to declare that I have been extremely blessed to be a part of a motley assembly of miscreants which we know as recovering alcoholics.

    All are making spiritual progress, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

    Even the ones who dip their toe into the pool only occasionally!

    “Ism” is a state of being, often accompanied by a remarkable degree of prejudice.

    We all know of course that insanity is often described as continuing the same action but expecting different results.

    I was guilty.

    And lots of different ways I am still guilty.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. Beautiful Bill M. Over time, I have come to realize what a knot of defects is my whole life, but that gratitude will loosen their hold on me. How can I harbor unforgiveness in the same heart that has been so graciously forgiven? Or speak sharply to one I love when the Father has whispered so gently to me in my brokenness? I don’t know how, but I still can. But not now without that awful feeling of duplicity that itself is a gift.

    • Hey Dan, I’ve been thinking about you. How is your mom? I hope you’re able to be of comfort to her and yourself. Glad you keep checking in. ODAAT and keep coming back! XoM

  3. Thanks Bill M. It’s an ongoing process for me. The more I “work” the suggestions in the BB, the more I see of myself!

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Bill M, Top notch “ready” aim fire reflection.
    Who’s in control?
    What am I really afraid of?
    Today, there will be thousands of choices. Each choice swings my pendulum either to God or to self. My best move is to build upon my faith. This design for successful living always takes my eyes off my problem and self and focuses onto Divine Mercy. My growth only happens when I’m cognizant of my human weaknesses. My development only happens when I’m aware of Divine Mercy’s grace in my life.
    When I know better, I do better.
    I change. He doesn’t.
    Today is a good day to have a good day.

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