(Reflection courtesy of Bill M-thank you!!!)
“Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” Step 6 is short in the Big Book because the concept is simple, although the process it initiates is hard. Once we are willing, the step itself does not take long. But it launches a lifetime of activity and, hopefully, patient progress that is carried out in the activities of 10, 11, and 12.

Willingness is an action. I have to do the footwork to identify my defects. The defects of character lead to behavior that is not useful, especially to myself or my fellows. These defects are usually extremes of my natural impulses. Anger at the injustices of the world is natural. Rage at the person who cut me off and made me three seconds late is a defect. Cutting him off in turn is bad behavior. Once I had done an inventory and shared with another I had a clear picture of my defects and I became entirely ready to be rid of these glaring defects as I understood them. Over time, more defects of character were uncovered and I had to became entirely willing to have them removed as well. This is an on-going process. Being willing to have defects removed does not mean they are removed. My action in Step 6 is to be entirely willing. The outcome is not in my hands.I am currently working on becoming willing to give up my need for control. I have a reservation that if I become accepting my world will come crashing down without my help. When I am willing to have defects removed, I don’t feed the defects. I talk to another person, I pray, I meditate. I share at a blog site.