My Higher Power knows my heart and my head when it comes to honesty. The minute I lie, or do not fully tell the truth, a feeling of discomfort sets in. This is God, trying to tell me that I’m lying – by not telling the full truth. The truth of my feelings, the truth of my heart-felt beliefs, and the complete honesty that is needed in all matters. The minute I step off the path of honesty, is the moment I begin to deceive both myself and others. Complete honesty is not easy to attain, for me, it takes a continued and daily effort. Without a consistent effort and a willingness to admit deception, my self-honesty will still be lacking. Today, I recognize my deceptions, my mistruths,- as an attempt by my disease to throw me off the track – one more time. I have learned that admitting my lies, as soon as possible, puts me on the right path immediately. Honesty requires courage, willingness, and faith in the power of doing the right thing. To obtain this honesty I need look no further than my Higher Power, He will guide me.