Truth And Honesty

My Higher Power knows my heart and my head when it comes to honesty. The minute I lie, or do not fully tell the truth, a feeling of discomfort sets in. This is God, trying to tell me that I’m lying – by not telling the full truth. The truth of my feelings, the truth of my heart-felt beliefs, and the complete honesty that is needed in all matters. The minute I step off the path of honesty, is the moment I begin to deceive both myself and others. Complete honesty is not easy to attain, for me, it takes a continued and daily effort. Without a consistent effort and a willingness to admit deception, my self-honesty will still be lacking. Today, I recognize my deceptions, my mistruths,- as an attempt by my disease to throw me off the track – one more time. I have learned that admitting my lies, as soon as possible, puts me on the right path immediately. Honesty requires courage, willingness, and faith in the power of doing the right thing. To obtain this honesty I need look no further than my Higher Power, He will guide me.


10 thoughts on “Truth And Honesty

  1. Like many of my new behaviors, I practiced it first in meetings. I was honest with people in AA and then I became honest with myself. Finally I became honest in all my affairs. Now I even try to avoid exaggerating. I find myself telling a funny story and then saying well that’s not completely true.
    Honesty, openness and willingness to accept life on life’s terms.

  2. I suppose you might say I have become a proclaimer of the good news of Alcoholics Anonymous. But please, I ask you to look a little deeper.
    The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 steps as adapted by numerous other groups is a profound and simple spiritual pathway. It is a recipe for coming into a closer relationship with one’s Higher Power or perhaps even finding such if it were nonexistent.
    I have been a very willing participant in this personal and community movement for 29 plus years now and believe me every day is new, every day is exciting and interesting.

    The Big Book which is our basic textbook contains overarching wisdom and insight and our other companion books delve deeper into human nature and God’s presence and sweet mystery.
    For instance it gives license for anything and everything which we might find helpful and I have found the tremendous poetic and spiritual material and what some call The Big, Big Book and in personal contact with the Father found there.

    In the Gospels the disciples are portrayed as dimwitted, argumentative and clueless. But in Acts they are bold and courageous even in the face of hostility. Something had clearly happened: the Resurrection. When commanded not to speak, they spoke. When commanded not to heal, they healed. When commanded not to proclaim, they proclaimed even more. -Br. James Koester.

    An anonymous friend of mine known to me as Scott P. connected me to this wonderful website which this morning suggests that I look at the big picture, the whole story, the gospel of good news and the profound effect forthcoming.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  3. Wow, lots of good words over the past few days. I’ve been trolling a bit lately and it’s nice to see n read when i can. God bless my trudge buddies.

  4. I always considered myself and honest person. However I am learning I lack in Honesty, Openess and Willingness. I worry too much what others think. That old people pleasing mentality. I have only to be true to myself and to my Higher Power. To know my limitations and to set up boundaries. I cannot please all the people all the time. I have to ask G-d to give me the strength to be completely honest and he will take care of the rest to comfort me when I feel ashamed.of people pleasing behaviors.

  5. If alcohol is but a symptom, I’m pretty sure the illness is the sense of not measuring up. When I was a kid playing competitive golf, when I’d come home my dad would ask me how the other kids played, I never could remember. That sticks with me know, many years later, as I consider the silliness and periodic yarns I spin that someone might think of me other than what I am.

    Loved, accepted, redeemed, forgiven, worthy, valuable to a merciful and loving God that spared no expense that I might know something of that love. May I find my identity there, not in my bank account, my job, my family, my friends. If I can, there’s no reason to lie.

  6. Top of the mid day greetings family,
    Am I living purposely in His truth? Or is self-living back on auto pilot? Some days, self will let go of His hand and walk alone.
    My honesty is proportional to how my gut feels. My gut emotion is proportional to my perception of truth. By living in the presence of now; I’m able to give thought to Divine Mercy’s involvement, protection, and warnings in my daily life. This posture allows decision making /choices that are wise and not foolish. When my heart is open, I can enjoy the day’s activities in peace; He’s in control and working His plan for me. Trials are marched through in spiritual victories. My faith isn’t weak and inexperienced. With His protection and patience, I’m not as likely to repeat the same mistake again and again.
    Today, I’m may be a little smarter; however, this ISM is little smarter as well.
    His truth is a solid guarantee.
    It’s a good day for something good to happen today.

  7. His gentle love abounds, immeasurably strong and subtle.
    All that separates me from it is self.
    As your unconditional acceptance quieted my unknown fears, compassion eventually arose in my heart, ego receding in front of His love.
    You showed me how to part the veil and join into communion with His most precious gift.
    Then you showed me I need do nothing but give it away.
    Grateful for the gift.

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