Lasting Power

In the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have learned the limits of my intellectual power and the limitless power that lies out there in the Universe. I have given up my small, leaking kiddie pool in order to tap into a massive ocean of wisdom, guidance, intuition, peace, and beauty. I have learned to surrender my ego and self-importance in exchange for access to infinite intelligence. In AA I have humbled myself enough to see that all other persons are in some way my teachers. To my profound relief, I have come to realize that I can achieve greatness in this lifetime, but only so long as I maintain a deeply rooted connection to this inspired Program of life-changing, eye-opening, mind-clearing, heart cleansing change. All power is mine if I remember where to find it. In that Power greater then myself.


5 thoughts on “Lasting Power

  1. Are all these people wrong?

    My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    If we want to exist in unity in our faith community we must come to terms with the expressions, God as we understand him, God of our own understanding even to the ridiculous extent of some designating a doorknob or the Coke machine as icons.
    Even these so-called ridiculous examples may have some spiritual truth for the designated doorknob may indicate finding what is on the other side of the door? And doesn’t the Coke machine offer some people solace and comfort?

    The current series on the National Geographic Channel on the story of God narrated by Morgan Freeman is really a history of God as we incompletely know it.
    It currently is running on Sunday nights.
    It may also be found on the World Wide Web at National Geographic TV.
    And it is also available through a National Geographic App which works on a Smart TV and Roku, with others to come.

    This series begs the question; are all these other people wrong?

    I know God through my Christian experience and for that I am extremely grateful for It is very real within and without.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.It

  2. We should practice . . . acquiring the spirit of service. We should attempt to acquire some faith, which isn’t easily done, especially for the materialistic person like me. Fear is often the thing that keeps me from the practice of faith in God.
    I thank God I know longer have to be caught in the dispair the fear aND what ifs of drinking. I also still learning that if I really am serious about my faith, and want to do what is right, that my many transgressions are forgiven.
    Thank you Harry for your reference to National Geographic and their take on God and many practices of faith.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    “All power is mine if I remember where to find it”.
    Thank you kindly Sister Bonnie for my newest sticky nugget note.

    Ego awoke right next to me this am; demanding that I be a one may show.
    To smash this thinking, I asked Divine Mercy to issue a spiritual cease/decease order: I want to desire what You desire for me. God does for me what is impossible for self to accomplish.

    Three greatest words, Thanks be to God.

    all religions share a common root, which is limitless compassion for the suffering of others. In so far as love is essential in every religion, we could say that love is a universal religion. But the various techniques and methods for developing love differ widely between the traditions. I don’t think there could ever be just one single philosophy or one single religion. Since there are so many different types of people, with a range of tendencies and inclinations. It is quite fitting that there are differences between religions. An the fact that there are so many different descriptions of the religious path shows how rich religion is.


  5. I came amongst you lost but not knowing so, bereft yet unaware of my sorrow, reliant on alcohol, daily for 25 years, yet still unaware how sick I was.
    I refused to do what you suggested, isolated myself and critically judged all that I saw.
    Your words were a threat to me and I would not take them into my thinking.
    Yet for some reason, I came back, not having had a drink.
    That went on for almost two years, my ego refusing to make room for a door knob or a Coke machine or a sponsor.
    I was physically sober, consumed by Self.
    Then the miracle happened
    Grateful for the Gift.

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