Faith Grows Within

Today, I have faith, I believe in a power greater than myself. Fear of much has left me and has been replaced by faith. That Power is greater than me and greater than my disease. I know about the spiritual principles of the Program, and work to practice them on a daily basis. Principles such as forgiveness of others, instead of hatred of them. Service has become an integral part of my recovery program, and I work to give back what has been given so generously to me.. Humility has slowly grown within me, and gratitude is a big part of that. I am always humbled before the God of my understanding, for He is kind, generous, and above all a constant presence in my life. Today I am blessed to say that I have serenity unlike anything before recovery even through the storms of life. I cultivate my faith with daily prayers, readings, participation in my recovery program. My faith has grown, I have surrendered to the God of my choice, and my honesty is now a viable principle that continues to work in my life, every day.



6 thoughts on “Faith Grows Within

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    Did I ever consider the water I drink and the air that I breathe as profound blessings?
    Never did consider that!
    Without the presence of these things there would be no reason for blessings, there would of course be no life.
    Even though I studied the makeup of all the things which make up this earth and this living planet, considered them and took examinations on them I just took them for granted just as I did almost everything. Sure I said thank you for special favors for this was culturally inbuilt but without a feeling of gratitude, there is no gratitude.

    In a wonderful blog site called Defeat Despair Julia reflects this morning on water and brings me pause to further consider this remarkable substance of creation.

    My friends might like to participate in this.

    I’m sure my friends participate in gratitude.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

  2. AA has trained me to ask what do I do? I have faith now what do I do with it? I put it to use. I act. Sometimes that action is to not do something and just stand there. Wait for the plan to be revealed. Act after careful reflection. Pause, pray, proceed.

  3. Greetings family,
    If our faith is never tested, how would we know our spiritual growth in God? Today, I understand that faith never grows when I’m disobeying His battle rhythm. Only through pain does the soul achieve beauty. Each day, whatever I feed grows. Do I feed the need for self, or do I feed on His spirit.
    When self-demands, “I got this” I’m telling Divine Mercy that His timing sucks. Didn’t God promise to meet all my needs for successful living? Is anything too hard for Him? When something is wrong in my life, there’s something wrong in my prayer life. It’s not the works I do for Divine Mercy; but how His freedom allows me to do His works. God owns everything in the universe. The only thing that He doesn’t have is our love.
    Some days, I’m nervous about praying the most dangerous prayer:
    God, use me.

    Something gooder will happen to us today.

  4. Powerful stuff this morning…may I bring love to all things; may I radiate that peace which has been gifted to me.
    And when I stumble, which I will, may I put my trust in Him who is always there.
    Used to be I’d just go get drunk…
    Grateful for the Gift

  5. I too grow in faith. But instead of believing I rather explore. What do I know by the end of the day. Not much. And surely no dogma to rub in other peoples´ faces. AA gives me the opportunity for growth. May we do so together!

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