Today, I have faith, I believe in a power greater than myself. Fear of much has left me and has been replaced by faith. That Power is greater than me and greater than my disease. I know about the spiritual principles of the Program, and work to practice them on a daily basis. Principles such as forgiveness of others, instead of hatred of them. Service has become an integral part of my recovery program, and I work to give back what has been given so generously to me.. Humility has slowly grown within me, and gratitude is a big part of that. I am always humbled before the God of my understanding, for He is kind, generous, and above all a constant presence in my life. Today I am blessed to say that I have serenity unlike anything before recovery even through the storms of life. I cultivate my faith with daily prayers, readings, participation in my recovery program. My faith has grown, I have surrendered to the God of my choice, and my honesty is now a viable principle that continues to work in my life, every day.