Being rooted in the Program can and does benefit me, especially if I am being challenged in some way. The Steps come to mind, as do the many slogans that remind me of the Spiritual Principles which guide me in my quest for rational solutions, solutions that no longer deepen the quandary I can find myself in. It takes “daily maintenance” to keep me rooted in A.A. I work to feed my roots with meetings, prayers, and constantly reminding myself that I am an alcoholic – I cannot drink. There are many gifts in recovery, but I need always to be mindful that alcohol is the antithesis of being a gift, it will drag me back to the depths of demoralization and insanity, from which I may not recover. The blessing of today- I am “allowed” to babysit my beautiful granddaughter!! There are actually TOO many blessings to list, because today I am SOBER, and sobriety is a GIFT 💗

Granddaughter and Furkids-BLESSINGS
Granddaughter and Furkids-BLESSINGS

7 thoughts on “Gifts….

  1. Yes Alcohol is the antithesis of blessing.
    . 😦
    Instead it is the rapacious creditor which nearly robbed me of everything including my life.
    . 😦
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.:-)

  2. Howdy folks, just been through another hell with mr sponsorpants and he showed his whole white ass threatening me with violence. i grimaced at his preposterous allegations and he came charging at me but i stood calmly before this raging elephant and told him his aggression was abusive. I have to find a new job now yet the evening afterwards while driving I came across and area of state forest which had more burls than I had ever seen, thousands of them. Usually I see a few here or there but this half acre of land was sight in which i felt like God was telling me to continue on and here’s an awesome supply of free material to fulfill your ambitions. Only God knows what’s in store for me but I trust he will give me what I need already answering prayers before I ask. How amazing is that? I am continually in awe of his gifts.

    • I would love to see some of your burl work.

      Sister Bonnie has my email address and I am authorizing her to give it to you.

      Do you have a webpage?


    • “…I stood calmly before this raging elephant…”
      Phew, what a journey we are on, Dan.
      What gifts we receive.
      We know but a little, more will be revealed it says in the BB.
      Peace, brother.

  3. If someone spread out all the gifts in my life on one side and a drink on the other, nothing would make me trade. But once I have that first drink I will risk it all for another and another. So why do I fight the actions that give me a defense against that first drink?

    3-D reminds me that alcohol was just a solution (an ineffective one) to other problems in my life. Drinking was a symptom. Sober up a drunk a-hole and you’re left with an a-hole.

    Sometimes we outgrow sponsors and that is a credit to the sponsor. I need to look for a new sponsor. They are out there. They show a serenity and tolerance that others lack. I want what they have.

    I am a consultant and need to find more work. Fear of an uncertain future and financial insecurity are real issues for me. I accept I can handle it with the help of my higher power.

  4. …the most gentle of precious mornings, the quiet broken by the dawn chorus, the dark by day’s first light.
    The still time where heart can take within the timeless message, that we are as we are meant to be.
    Used to be I would wake up with a headache and a thirst, in fearful denial.
    Grateful for the Gift

  5. When I did my personal inventory I found that I had unhealthy relationships with most people in my life—my friends and family, for example. I always felt isolated and lonely. I drank to dull emotional pain. Today I don’t have to drink, and I can finally feel a part of recovery in the halls of aa.
    Dan, I am glad you shared your story. Thanks for your experience, strength, and hope.
    My sponsor reminds me in a gentle way but oh so firm, love patience and tolerance. Of which many times I can’t find any of those in my hand bag to bring out. Lol kt

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