There are many anagrams for FEAR: Face Everything And Recover is one of my favorites, I know others have their own version. I faced fear when I took that first step over the threshold of the A.A. meeting hall. I faced fear when I spoke for the first time in a meeting. I faced fear when I did my 4th and 5th Steps. I face fear every day – but the love I receive from other members, from my family, from the good Lord above, all exceed the fear I feel. The stronghold of A.A. is always there for me to reach out and touch, to know that God is watching over me – I am blessed, and I know it. Fear and faith do not reside together, and I have heard it said that fear is the absence of faith. So I pray when fear wraps a cold hand around my heart. I ask the God of my understanding to remove the fear and replace it with faith. Today I have faith in my Higher Power, God; faith in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and faith in myself as a child of God.


8 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. Back when I was drinking the way I faced fear was “F… everything and run”.
    Never did work out very well!
    Glad I don’t have to deal with things that way anymore.
    I’m Harry, grateful 12th stepper.

  2. Fear is my biggest challenge and, growing up, drove me to alcohol. Of course, it’s a familiar story and alcohol worked at first and then “cut me to ribbons” as I think it says in the Big Book. Here it is: “I commenced to forge the weapon that one day would turn in its flight like a boomerang and all but cut me to ribbons.” The miracle of the Internet!

  3. Fear, thank god, is small for me today….WHEN……I am in fit spiritual condition!
    Playing a little tug-of-war with it recently!
    Always read you motley trudgers, this is my first line of defense for the next 24!

  4. Top of the first Friday of the week family,
    Self reliance farms fears.
    The fear of not getting what I’m entitled; losing something that self perceives “mine”; or someone discovering my deceitfulness. Fear won’t allow me to move forward. Fear dictates I’m falling farther behind. Then the cloud of impending doom makes its first appearance. My will and my actions become cloudy. I won’t know it’s cloudy because self is once again back at cloudy thinking. My faith life instructs me to admit my helplessness to Divine Mercy and to myself. Confess all fears/self-reliance that I identify in my life. Surrender all self-attempts for change. Turn it over/lay it all down to One who created me. Let His spirit fill my spirit and commit/advance myself to follow His way. At some point, my rock steady grip on life will loosen. My helpless feeling will leave me and will be replaced by His joy of living free.

    Often heard nugget at my home group: Today is the tomorrow that I worried about all day yesterday.

    It’s a good day to have a good day.

  5. What you show me is straightforward choice, A or B, one or the other.
    Oh, I’ll complicate it all quickly enough because I don’t like the implications; I will grab any excuse to perpetuate self will.
    But eventually I learn:
    Drink and stay sick OR sober up and get well.
    Rely on self and be fearful OR rely on HP and be safe.
    Be self centred and lonely OR help others and be in community.
    Greedily chase love, or its likeness, and feel bereft OR give love and be surrounded in its ever expanding fullness.
    As I am grateful, other-oriented, heart centred , focussed on HP, then I am safe and protected.
    How to attain such a state?
    Well, “Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps…” works for me.
    Grateful for the Gift

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