I am responsible for me – and no other. Setting boundaries is one way of ensuring that my recovery continues, on my course to the God of my understanding and the path to improved behaviors, through the Spiritual Principles. I always have the choice to leave any gathering I may attend, I have the power to just walk away from negative conversations, I have the power to hang up the phone if the conversation is impacting my serenity. I can choose where I want to be and with whom I want to be around. I do serve as an example to others, and hopefully that leads to positive actions, not negative actions or deeds. Today, I have choice – not something I even considered before recovery, but I know I have the power to decide where I want to be and whom I choose to be around. It seems as though negativity begets negativity, while positive behaviors and actions beget positivism. I know it’s okay to take care of me, it’s okay to express my true beliefs, and it’s okay to walk away from the darkness – and search out the Light – it’s always there, I just need to look.