From Negative To Positive

I am responsible for me – and no other. Setting boundaries is one way of ensuring that my recovery continues, on my course to the God of my understanding and the path to improved behaviors, through the Spiritual Principles. I always have the choice to leave any gathering I may attend, I have the power to just walk away from negative conversations, I have the power to hang up the phone if the conversation is impacting my serenity. I can choose where I want to be and with whom I want to be around. I do serve as an example to others, and hopefully that leads to positive actions, not negative actions or deeds. Today, I have choice – not something I even considered before recovery, but I know I have the power to decide where I want to be and whom I choose to be around. It seems as though negativity begets negativity, while positive behaviors and actions beget positivism. I know it’s okay to take care of me, it’s okay to express my true beliefs, and it’s okay to walk away from the darkness – and search out the Light – it’s always there, I just need to look.


9 thoughts on “From Negative To Positive

  1. “It is no secret what God can do, what he’s done for others He’ll do for you”.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

      • Its one day at a time. That is all we have, If I am sober today it is a miracle. I also like your post. Positive attracts Positive. These days I have to guard my sobriety. It is the most important thing in my life. If there is something that disturbs my sobriety, I have to walk away from it. Not in anger, but in peace and serenity to protect my sobriety, I must learn tolerance and acceptance but I dont have to engage in it. I must not be judgemental because I have been judgemental and it is not the spiritual way to be. G-d forgives us and we should to. Before we even drank alcohol we were alcoholics. I remember my mother telling me I would have temper tantrums and hold my breath till I passed out. If that isnt an ism I dont know what is. But our creator can change us. Our meeting last night was how our personality changed once we became sober. Not only putting the plug in the jug but following our creators lovingness, kindness and tolerance. May I learn daily from my Creator. Namaste, Tree

  2. Top of the third Friday of the week family,
    Very interesting is it odd or God topic,
    On my way to work, XM radio was cranking out the Guns & Roses song, “Civil War”. My mind led me to think, yes! Exactly!
    – What I got here is a failure to communicate.
    Self can’t, I can’t, not by myself, can I work this new order for successful living.
    It’s no secret; I must change.
    It’s a good day to keep my hand in His hand day.

  3. I pray that I may have a consciousness of God’s presence. I pray that God will give me spiritual vision.
    I had a good home group mtg, step study 12th step. Went right back to Dr. BOB STORY.
    Discussed the phenomenon of craving.
    Discussed the spiritual connection described in book. Grateful to have a aa mtg, I count as a home group. I used to try and wing it myself. Oh so wrong. Lol kt

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