You And Me

In AA we are similar, and yet we are also unique in many ways. It’s common for others to tell us that we should focus on the similarities and not the differences, when we are new. I came to the tables not quite sure what my “status” was; did I suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, or any of the other “ism’s” I heard about? I came looking for answers to the insanity of my life, unsure where I “fit.” I believe this is true for many others, as well. Thank goodness for the 3rd Tradition which allowed me to keep coming back and reclaiming my seat at the tables. It took me a while to come to an understanding of what my “problem” was. As it turned out, “I” was the problem, my use and abuse of alcohol and other chemicals was but a symptom. Yes, I believe A.A. is a unique program, just as I believe that I am unique in my own way – but the message I received in the rooms was very clear – I cannot claim sobriety, or attain recovery without all of “you.” This is a “We” program, that is what makes it work. “We” means my fellow members of A.A., myself, and, of course, my Higher Power. Together we can and do claim sobriety and recovery.


12 thoughts on “You And Me

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.

    My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    We celebrated to very ‘s important anniversaries in our lives a few days ago.

    Number 1 was our wedding anniversary of 39 years and we celebrated at Polly’s corner restaurant splitting a larger ribeye steak which was delicious, just as our lives together have been.

    The next day we celebrated Sherry’s 29th year of continuous recovery from various isms including alcoholism.

    We acknowledge every day to be the day that God has made and we try our best to be thankful and joyful in that particular day.

    Just like Pooh remarked as he asked Piglet what day it was and he replied, “This is today” said, “That’s my favorite day”, we try to live that out!

    We have so much to be thankful for that I words can’t describe what our hearts feel!

    Just like the professor in My Fair Lady tried his best to remold Miss Doolittle, so have I with extremely poor results at times and I have realized the futility of good intentions with poor methods.

    Good judgment always tells me to do what we call step 3 on this situation; “I can’t, God can and I think I’ll let him”.

    And let me tell you God has succeeded and just like Prof. Higginbotham I have fallen very deeply in love with this wonderful lady.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12th stepper.

    • HarryS, When I hear of Divine Mercy’s works in another person’s life, my faith grows. Tip of the hat for you and yours golden milestones of spiritual victories. Peace be with you

    • …so much love in this world, quietly present, to be enjoyed by us all…
      You patiently showed me that all I needed to do was to be myself and I, too, could become immersed in what was all about us, everywhere.
      I hadn’t a clue what you were talking about.
      Then you showed me, by your actions and attitude.
      Love, freely given.
      Slowly resistance eased, fear receded and the age old miracle evidenced itself.
      Grateful for the Gift

  2. Congratulations Harry on your two anniversary celebrations. Thank you for sharing your grateful thoughts with us. Today I read, that we came into AA for hope, I remember that I came because I had heard about it and was hopeful for a change in my life. I also read about harmony and how harmony is there if we are spiritually fit. So again thanks for sharing your words of experience strength and hope.

  3. Top of the 5th Friday of the week family,
    Today, you and me can W.A.L.K together in harmony.
    Wait patiently and be still
    Ask for correct timing
    Look for His direction
    Keep close and warm.

    Together, we have daily spiritual victories.
    Divine Mercy desires a relationship; not a performance.
    A child of God will multiple for His purpose
    Self will always divide by pr”I”de for love of self.

    It’s a good day to have a good day.

  4. Whenever I go to a f2f meeting (or here too), I always hear (or read) something useful and always from a diverse group of people.

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