In AA we are similar, and yet we are also unique in many ways. It’s common for others to tell us that we should focus on the similarities and not the differences, when we are new. I came to the tables not quite sure what my “status” was; did I suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, or any of the other “ism’s” I heard about? I came looking for answers to the insanity of my life, unsure where I “fit.” I believe this is true for many others, as well. Thank goodness for the 3rd Tradition which allowed me to keep coming back and reclaiming my seat at the tables. It took me a while to come to an understanding of what my “problem” was. As it turned out, “I” was the problem, my use and abuse of alcohol and other chemicals was but a symptom. Yes, I believe A.A. is a unique program, just as I believe that I am unique in my own way – but the message I received in the rooms was very clear – I cannot claim sobriety, or attain recovery without all of “you.” This is a “We” program, that is what makes it work. “We” means my fellow members of A.A., myself, and, of course, my Higher Power. Together we can and do claim sobriety and recovery.