Goals And Guides

I have come to terms with my physical self. While I admire others who work on this aspect of their lives, consistently, I’m finding it harder to maintain any daily exercise plan. I’m still moving and still upright, and I’m grateful for both of those. I am a product of my time – I was born before the onset of organic food, health clubs, jogging, and other forms of taking care of our bodies. Today, I work to walk any distances, as I said my body is not what it used to be. Age has it’s limitations, but I strive towards whatever balance I can maintain in my life. One thing I know for sure and that is I am in charge of my life, with the help and guidance of God. It’s up to me to do the “foot work” in life, I can rest on my laurels or I can continue going forward – I choose to keep trying, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep working towards being a better “me.”


5 thoughts on “Goals And Guides

  1. Top of the morning family,
    Smart feet is a good starting point for foot work.

    It’s a good day for peace/contentment.

  2. …sometimes I can forget it’s body, mind, spirit (heart). As I bring these three into alignment, through our spiritual program, I can easily overlook the incredible abuse I’ve put my body through…and not just the booze.
    My list would be not dissimilar to most:
    Car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, electrocution, near drowning, excessive sun exposure, sustained lack of sleep, ignored injuries in service to ego, exposure to toxic chemicals from forest fire smoke to tear gas to petrol fumes to agricultural toxins, machine gun, rifle fire and high explosives, various internal cancers, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, broken bones, sustained adrenal rushes of all sorts…sheesh.
    So gratitude to this God given fragile vessel with whom I have finally forged a loving friendship and to whom I make a living amends by the daily choices I make about rest, exercise, food and drink and peace within- a boon companion indeed.
    Grateful for the gift

  3. Gee, Tom S, we certainly do put our bodies through challenges!! Let’s not forget the clear air of the mountains and the oceans, the fatal events we somehow escaped and the flowers we smell along the way in recovery. Humbled? Oh yes.
    Bonnie, balance?? Literally, I would need an empty parking lot to ride a bike to evaluate my balance!! Haha! You actually ride a bike!
    Seriously tho, I find myself singing and dancing again. Life is good, changing as always but so very good!

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